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Moe's Favorite Top 10 Random Things in Life!


 WELL 'ELLO THERE!!Good to see you again!!What's that?You still don't have a chair?Er,this is the third time you say?Well....I would give you my seat,but I need it more than you!Huh-What do you mean its no-No time to talk!It's time for Moelarkey!So today,since it's been like,forever,that I last posted a Blog,I decided to do one about my favorite things in life,well,my favorite random things in life,and this was a toughie wuffie,wasn't sure either what categorized as random in life,but I went for it.That includes anything,from movies,to squirrels in cars,to you sleeping in my bed!Wait,what would you be doing in my bed?...Er,no time for questions?!I mean,if you aren't aware,I'm a pretty damn good detective,they call me (censored for your safety)!

Let's get started shall we,lets journey deep.Deeper.Deeper than that!DEEPER!DDEEEEEEPPPPPPEERRRRR!!!!!!

Dee-Eh?You said you saw some shit?A cat?Fufufu,you must be crazy!Forget it!It's time to countdown my list!Let us get started!!

Random Thing #10 : YOU SLEEPING IN MY BED

No,seriously,what are you doing in my bed!?HOW RANDOM!

Random Thing #9 : Ducks

I love ducks,I love them so much,I love petting ducks too.Ducks are cute,ducks are random,they range from big to small ducks.Ducks,ducks,ducks,ducks.....

Random Thing #8 : Coffee

I love coffee!And the flavors in the world are SO random!I do not drink it EVERY morning though!But when I do,I usually go for Roasted Blend,with milk and Cinnabon ♥ creamer.Cause good lord I love that Cinnabon.I mean,have you HAD the Cinnabon creamer?IT'S SO GOOD!YOU NEED TO TRY IT.LIKE NOW.WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T LIKE IT?!I'LL -

Random Thing #7 : Killer Klowns from Outer Space

I loved this Cult Horror Classic!Nothing is better than a movie that futures clowns/aliens that use humorous means of killing their victims!I mean,their freaking ship is a Circus Tent!How crazy and random is that?!If their was a movie I would recommend,it's this one!

Random Thing #6 : Chipmunks

.....You really need me to tell you why?REALLY?

 Random Thing #5 : GIF's

Sometimes,GIF's are all we need to express our emotions.It could be random or specific!This ones for you Torchman!MAY IT BE KNOWN,YOUR WAIFU WILL ALWAYS BE (censored)!YOU THINK YOUR WAIFU IS SO MUCH BETTER!WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING DA-

Random Thing #4 : Anime 

Anime is an art form of random,which takes things to a whole 'nother level sometimes!Such as superpowers,otherworlds,and really,really stupid faces.Which in turn,makes us try to make these stupid faces. ( Making a   :3   face right now if you didn't know!) I could go n about this but I know your busy,but not too busy for me right?RIGHT?!

Random Thing #3 : Vines

Because daaammmnnnnn Daniel!RANDOM INCOMING PEOPLE!

Random Thing #2 : The Internet

The internet contains the most random amount of info the universe has ever seen!I mean,for the love of all that is random,this GIF says it all!And Youtube shows alot of this stuff too,good,looooorrdddddd.

And without further waiting,I present that number one thing we need in our lives,that thing that makes us think,what is WRONG with us?!WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!


 If I ain't seen everything,this site holds stories that should never reach the light of day,and by the gods,the eye fetish that Nekro and Nathan keep beneath their pillows.And the random-est things can be found on this site,and it pleases me!I am proud of you guys!YOU'RE MY FAVORITE RANDOM THING IN THE WORLD!!!

And with that,I close this book!I have to say,I wish I had more time,but I haven't done a blog in,like,ever!I said that already didn't I?I wish I could have done alittle more,but I didn't have enough time,and I love blogging-...Well nevermind that!Whaddya mean you mind?....You think I'm the most random thing?.......

 Your funny!YOU ARE!!!AHAHAHAHAHA- So that's it for this blog!Until next time,stay up to date,and get full of it!

Get full of Moelarkey! CIAO!

This blog was made possible by Moelarkey!Trust in me!Trust in Moelarkey!

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