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I'm Back with More Music!


Hey Destructoid! Remember me? It's me, Tonich. What? Doesn't ring a bell? Okay, how about "That crazy Russian who used to blog here a year or two ago and posted some music"? Yeah, that's me alright. :)

I know it's been quite a while since I last blogged here, so some of the people who knew me might have forgotten who I was or just moved on, but hopefully there are still some friendly faces around here. What have I been doing for a year, you say? Well, many things. First and foremost, last February I became a dad! Woo!

Me and little Igor

Now I know that being a parent is absolutely awesome, but at the same time it brought a change to my usual way of life and especially to how I plan my days. Having much less time to blog is one thing. Having much less time to think about blogging is where all the fun starts. :) Not that I'm complaining of course, and yet it still feels like I owe an apology to Dtoiders for my sudden disappearance last year. It really did bug me all this time, honest.

Then I lost my dad (you might remember me talking about him in my last blog) and my day job. My former employer still owes me a good chunk of cash, and now things are moving in the court's direction, but there's no certainty I'll get anything in the nearest future. Hard times, indeed.

I also tried my hand at game journalism, writing my first ever game review for IGN Russia. If you want to know, the review was on Dropsy, and it was a favourable one - it's all in Russian though, so I don't suppose there's much sense in linking to it. My writing received mild praise from the editor, and currently I've got another game to cover, but honestly, I still don't think it's my cup of tea. But oh well, you never know how things might work out. :)

And last but not least, I have been working on finishing my band's newest album, and now it's finally out! It took us more than two years to complete, and it was my first try at producing a studio record. Thankfully, I had lots of help from the sound engineer we worked with (I honestly don't think I would've managed without her help), but it still was mind-blowingly hard. Nevertheless, I proudly present to you...

Just click on the picture to listen to the selected track or hit "Essence" in the top-left to get to our Bandcamp page and listen to the whole album. Streaming's free, but if you like it enough there's always an option of buying the album (or just the tracks you like). Of course, we're not trying to turn a profit here, just hoping to get back at least a portion of what we've spent to create the record. Still, if you just listen to it and maybe leave some feedback it'll be good enough for me. :) The music is mostly instrumental rock, seven (of nine) tracks feature no vocals whatsoever, and only "Nightsong" and "Why Are You Here" have lyrics in them - the former in Russian and the latter in English. Please, don't ask why. :)

And the cover art was created by none other than Destructoid's own Sir Davies, which was absolutely awesome of him! :) Even more so, he did it all without me asking for it, just after seeing that we'd released the album without a cover - so it was a pleasant and a most welcome surprise. Honestly, thanks a lot dude! :) There are also other Dtoiders I'd like to thank, namely Long John, The Scholarly Gamer and LuckRequired - guys, your help was invaluable, be it advice or simply words of encouragement, it gave me the strenth to push on when I most needed it. Thank you.

So please, enjoy the music and be sure to leave a comment about it! Hopefully I'll be able to blog more now and then because I do have something to say - I just need to find the time to put it to words. 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Russian,


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