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The Final Dtoid Designs Challenge!


Update: The entry period for this contest has ended. Thank you all for entering.

This is it, the final Dtoid Designs Super Mario Maker challenge. Over the past six months I’ve tasked you with creating levels based around movies, other video games, holidays and more. I’ve seen some wonderfully designed and wickedly challenging levels that would fit in with the best Super Mario levels designed by the geniuses at Nintendo. I’ve also seen a lot of crap, but it’s mostly the endlessly creative ones that I’ll remember. 

For March, for this final contest, I’m getting rid of the themes altogether. That’s right, it’s the Create Whatever The Fuck You Want Challenge. No more having to bend your creativity to what I say, now I want you to make the most outstandingly creative level you can. Go buck wild with enemies, sound effects and more. You’ve heard of the expression “dance like nobody is watching?” I want you to design like nobody is judging! As always, to enter the contest leave a comment below with the name of the level and the level ID by the end of day March 15th. 

Dtoid Designs Final Contest 

Theme: Create Whatever The Fuck You Want 

Deadline: March 15th 

To Enter: Leave a comment below with your level name and level ID.

Good Luck

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