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WAIFU WARS : That is MY Waifu!!


Well hello,good to see you again.Why don't you take a seat-What's that?Oh right,I'm the only one with a chair...Stand up then!So you think your waifu is the baddest and drop dead sexiest mutha-?!Well let me tell you something chief,in the Waifu Wars,YOUR WAIFU AINT' WORTH -

So with everybody in a riot over the Waifu Wars,and what I think is the reason why Destructoid has been going crazy lately due to the sheer amount of destruction we have left,I am here now!Even though I made a blog already about My Top 5 Game Waifu's,I haven't entered in with my own Waifu that I adore so much!I have been hesitant,for more reasons than most,that the people of this site would ravage me,beat me,and then toss my body into the river if I was too even speak anything of the waifu.Now,I shall stand tall!What's that?You don't care,W-WELL,YOU SHOULD.ITS MY WAIFU!!!!!

 So the qualities of a perfect waifu include : Cooking,Smiling,(Censored),Hygiene,Grooming,Etiquette,Personality,Booty,and Appeal!It's hard to see that nowadays as most of these women and men suck at generally one if not ALL of these qualities,but where all others fail,one shines above the rest,but I'll get to that in a second.Waifu's are the God Given Gifts that are bestowed upon all that wish it,and to those special few,one that will hold our hearts!Don't you dare cry,save your tears for the day your waifu leaves you!As for me,that waifu who fits into all these categories and more is none other than :


DAMMIT ERZA!You can do everything can't you,and more!She can hold her own!Now I know many people don't like the series she belongs to,ergo Fairy Tail,but that's not to say you can't like one thing about the series!Erza is a strong woman,capable of fighting against the strongest,and proving that not all women are helpless,and incapable of fighting!Now that's not to say they tend to fan service her quite abit,but that's where appeal comes in,I mean DAMN Erza,DAAAMMMMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

With her nature to often speak out,and to defend her family,I can't help but just give in!Erza rolls into Fairy Tail as a guild member who / wizard who is capable of changing her weaponry and gear at will,via magic that changes out her armor and weapons from her armory.Sher has vast array,and each are either more cooler or sexier than the last!Oh my!

Basically its called re-equip magic.Now I have not been able to keep up with the anime,let alone the manga,and the series is still ongoing!That's not to say that I won't get back into it,cause I will!So far it has a large fan base (me included!),and a good amount of episodes (better than One Piece as some fights won't take 8 episodes to finish.).So far,we have 1) Smiling,2) Hygiene,3) Grooming,4) Etiquette!

Now we need Boot- 


WELL THEN.Thats Booty!All that's left is Cooking!Annnnnddddddddddd -


So Erza has got everything necessary to make the perfect waifu!I'd like to see you TRY to fight me on this one.CAUSE LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING,I'LL FIGHT YOU,I'LL-

Okay,okay......I'm okay.I got alittle out of my comfort zone.Don't worry,your safe with me.But there you have it.Another Waifu Edition by Moe!If your interested in the other article blog I made,check it out! : http://www.destructoid.com/blo...

I look forward to my next heel to face blog post!And you should too!I hit harder than a gorilla-Errr my bad Chitose.

So until next time,SEE YA LATER YOU MOE'STERS!

All this was brought to you by Moelarkey,get full of it!

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