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Where do we go when we’re all capped out?


The question that games with levelling systems have always been asking themselves, has always been, when does it stop?. When has a player progressed for enough to become “capped”? Different games have come up with different creative solutions, but not star wars Battlefront.

Level cap has always been a thing, whether it where the famous skill capes in RuneScape back in the days, or when you achieve prestige rank 1000 in call of duty, in case of the latter the presence of a doctor is advised, cause you’re going to be gaming for a long loooong time. These game however never really felt like there was this skill ceiling right above your head, same cannot be said for star wars Battlefront.

The situation in battlefront is vastly different than that of its peers, as more and more people have already reached the cap. According to some estimations almost half of the active player base. Please remember that the game didn’t have an exaggerative amount of content to begin with, and gameplay that, at least in my opinion wasn’t all that great. How the game keeps up a, at least for now, somewhat healthy player base (at time of writing PC: 4 281,  9 992 Xbox one, 28 439 ps4,Total: 42,712, according to this site.) is beyond me, as even long time players have no more incentive to play except for the sake of playing.

The game could learn a lot from how games like BATTLEFIELD ( also a DICE game btw), or guild wars 2 or eso handle their level cap. They at least don’t make you feel like you’re doing all of it for noting, as you can still access different mastery ranks to show. Its longue overdue that battlefront takes a long hard look in the mirror and decides what it wants to be, a great game with tons of potential, or a lazy cash-in that doesn’t give a shit about its fan base. Whatever the case may be, raise the cap it isn’t that fuckin hard now is it, and while I’m at it giving orders to million dollar games developers ,or at least in my head that is, please someone give me SPACE Marine 2, I really don’t care who, as long as it’s not Konami, or Digital Homicide,… just kidding, Konami could be all right ;) .

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