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Waifu Wars: Chaotic Crossovers


So, I'm somewhat disappointed that the war is pretty quiet, even if Harem Stalin Torchman keep blasting at us on how his waifu is amazing ($100 Bison Dollars that it's Hitler himself, by the way). And I haven't seen many on-topic blogs here.

Anyway, here are my selections, and you know what? Grudgingly, Torchman is right. My selection of waifu are a whole bunch of bollocks! Due to not having enough spare time to do stuffs after work and being tired as hell every day, I only managed to put up a few material for this sorry state of a blog. So sit back and prepare to boo this piece down to the failblogs section for lack of good contents and stupid crossovers.


She has a pretty small yet strong body, while still looking like sixteen (Thanks to her scabbard, Avalon), and holds a sword that can be invisible so no one could cross-reference what's she's holding. Acted like a strict bodyguard to Shirou at first, she then defrosted and started to have feeling for her Master.

And this is where my crossover reasons will be deemed too simplistic, baffling and ridiculous. Normal Saber is British (technically), so she'll fit as one of these roles:

- John Constantine from Hellblazer (Saber uses her burning hand to light her smoke would be cool)
Anthony HopkinsHannibal Lecter from the movies.
- Gary "Eggsy" Unwin from Kingsman: The Secret Service (Her mentor would be either Renee Zellweger or Rosamund Pike)
- Officer Anderson from Judge Dredd (Her superior would be King Alexander as Joe Dredd)
- Joe from Looper (Old Joe would be either Emily Blunt [Heh], Carey Mulligan or Lena Headey)
- An agent from Hitman (YA REALLY. She get to keep her hair, like 47 could keep the barcode tattoo)
- A random Runner from Mirror's Edge (Shut up, parkour is cool)
- Francis Urquhart / Francis Underwood from House of Cards


The first thing we'll notice is that she has the biggest tracts of land within the Fairy Tail Guild (Although most of the girls there are pretty stacked as well). She also uses her hammerspace magic to store loads of weapons and armor for various situation. In short she's also the most powerful warrior within the guild.

For now, I considered her to be the Mel Gibson of waifus (Whether her voice actresses will getting into trouble for uttering racial slurs are yet to be known), so she'll only have a couple of these crossover roles:

- Max Rockatansky from the first three Mad Max movies
- Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon (With Katara as Roger Murtaugh)


To be honest, I only knew a lot about her from the wikis and trope pages, so yeah, I haven't played Persona 3 yet (So sue me, I'll play it if I got the chance). But because I have a thing for redheads, and with her gorgeous long hair, she managed to replaced Erza as my #1 waifu.

And due to said "reasons", she's the only one who managed to received her own custom crossover fanart, courtesy of me. (Lack of spare time and practice have made my drawing skills downgraded, obviously)

And that's it. Please either give me some encouraging words or belittling comments about how sucky are my words and contents. Both are appreciated,

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