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Waifu Wars: The morning star


My waifu is The Ultimate Waifu. All others cannot compare. Her powers are both holy and dark and beyond measure. Her demeanor is all-business, she tolerates no nonsense when she is on a mission, she will stop at nothing to complete it.

Taken in as an orphan and trained to be a warrior, one might think I'm referring to a certain bounty hunter, but she's not Samus Aran. The Ultimate Waifu does share the same genre, but prefers slaying the creatures of the night to space pirates. She prefers the destruction of her enemies rather than entire space stations or planets. She's not that ruthless.

She has long, wild, raven hair. Her eyes are a frosty light blue. She has no morning makeup routine, preferring a more natural look, though intricate tattoos adorn her exposed shoulders and back. From the tattoo on her back she can absorb the power of her enemies, then call it fourth as she needs from both her back and arms.

Swords, axes, hammers, scythes and spears can be called fourth, guided by a wave of her arms and then vanish into thin air. She can summon the elements to do her bidding, transform into other creatures and tear rifts in space-time to annihilate those that oppose her.  Even the hound of Hades, Cerberus, is hers to command. 

Cerulean mages from fantasies of no real finality are mere imitators. Azure androids cannot equal her and no doctor can truly know her wiles. Bounty hunters who lose track of artifacts envy how the power she gains remains sealed within her. 

You can roll through small passageways? She can walk through walls. You can run fast? She can, too. Jump high? Why? The Ultimate Waifu can fly with her black wings. 

She is a rescuer of pets and children, a good shot with a camera, a decent artist, a seamstress in training, a jewelcrafting apprentice and also a great assistant to cooks and blacksmiths.

And she does this all with grace, with precision, to complete her mission. For she possesses the power of Dominus, the power of Lord Dracula himself and in her travels, she gained the holy power of the Belmont clan as well.

She is the morning star, come to vanquish the terrible night. She is Shanoa and she is as kind and warm as she is mighty. I need no other.

Probably also helps most of my lucid dreams include her.

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