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About half life 3 and why we don’t need it


Let me stop you there, you were just thinking about how I just started writing and I’m already wining about half life 3, right? No? Oh,… well this is awkward, okay, just carry on then, I guess.

So half life 3, the unicorn holy grail with wings of the game industry. We all played half life 2, and if we didn’t we pretend we did, and we all love it, or pretend we do. But just like all great games, we can’t get enough of them, we demand more, we crave it with our entire body, and when we don’t get it we go into denial. But make no mistake HL3 was denied to us, and we just refuse to accept it, and maybe, just maybe, it’s better this way.

You see in our heads we all hyped up half life 3 to be the ultimate gaming experience, to be the apex predator of the industry, something that has no equal and never shall. But by doing this we also created a nearly impossible challenge for any developers willing to take this task upon themselves. We hyped to game so bad that we no longer expect a game, we expect a piece of heaven, we expect what cannot be delivered, not saying heaven doesn’t exist okay, I’m not trying to pick a fight with religious people. Although I would probably win, cause I’m sure most gods don’t allow fighting or something, but we’re getting of topic here.

So by now you may suspect that I’m writing about half life 3 because I’m actually an inspiration-less husk in front of a computer, and one part of that is true, which part I’ll leave up to your imagination. But all that aside half life 3 is still something worth talking about. It’s still the one game that will stir up attention with when even the most neglect able piece of info  finds its way on the web. Half life 3 is by all standards a phenomenon, a dream of "the good old days", cause let’s be honest if the gaming scene wasn’t as polluted as it is with micro transactions, cash-in DLC, and just terrible games, no one would still care about HL3. But now if you google it you’ll find at least 5 or 6 recent articles about we’re it is, how it is nearly there, or the latest vague piece of information. This is not happening because we really want HL3, it’s happening because we’re just clinging on to better days.

Also, it’s now 28/02/2016: 20+16= 36,

36/2 = 18,

28-18= 10    

when you turn 10 around you get 01,  

there are 2 half life games (not counting episodes separately) 

01+2 = 3   


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