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Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999


Do I really even have to blog after dropping this sick beat?

Hey guys, hope you've had another awesome week of nerding it up. I'm feeling giddy like a little kid - I bought another PS4 because I was missing Bloodborne so darn much. I'm so happy though, because I realize that despite the fact that I'm in my mid 20's, I still get such a rush when it comes to video games. I mean I'm really just stoked! So today, I thought I'd blog a little bit about quirky "nerdgasms" as I'd like to call them - all the weird little quirks that come with getting a brand new toy. Don't worry, no 3D glasses are required to enjoy this ride. 

Quirk while you Twerk

I really do some dorky things when I get excited. As I was opening up my brand new toy yesterday, I realized that I was sitting there bouncing like a child. Sometimes when I get so excited, I hop around like an idiot. Don't judge...it means I'm in my happy place! It's only natural to get an adrenaline rush when we love something so much. I mean...I don't quite get that way whenever my boyfriend comes around but....but I mean....well that's different! ANYWAY, I tend to get pumped when I get new gadgets and toys! At least I haven't resorted to praising the sun.........yet. 

Do you smell what I smell?

This is probably one of the more embarrassing nerdgasms that I have...but I LOVE the smell of new games and equipment. I'll admit, the first thing I did when I opened up that copy of Bloodborne was breath in all the 'new' smell. It's just such a simple pleasure, but I KNOW I'm not the only one out there who does it. I do it for other things too, like when I get a new book - I LOVE the smell of books. When I was a little girl, I distinctly remember savoring the smell of a freshly opened pack of Pokemon Cards too...man all the nostalgic feels...

Okay...I hope I'm not the only one who gets this way or else I'll kind of feel bad. I'm all about sharing, sharing is caring and blah blah blah...but when it comes to brand new toys and gadgets...I don't like to share at all. As a gamer, I'm sure you all know as much as I do that nothing is more discouraging then letting someone 'borrow' a controller of something along those lines....only to get it back later and it's a fucking mess. Over time, that 'honeymoon' phase always wears down some...but I absolutely do not like sharing my new equipment. My boyfriend is excited to come over and play my PS4, and I'm really happy that I can share it with him....but I'm thinking he needs his own controller ;)

Isn't it funny how whenever you get brand new things, you feel such a strong urge to keep it clean and tidy? I mean I was ocd about setting up my PS4 and everything...but I guarantee I will go over at least twice this week to dust the area and make sure it's nice and clean. That urge is always so strong whenever it comes to getting new equipment, but after a year or so, it'll collect dust like everything else around here. I mean....n-no it won't! I'm a great housekeeper, I clean all the time! I just need more lemon pledge....yes. 

What gives you a nerdgasm?

Well now I've shared a few of my awful, degrading nerdgasms with you, your turn! Tell me about your dirty little nerdgasms too, it's okay I won't judge....much. 

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