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EA don't hurth me, don't hurth me, no more


Okay let’s get straight to the point today, I love DICE as a development studio, I’m constantly impressed with their products and the talent the runs in the studio. It’s a shame though that their publisher doesn’t see them in the same way. So yeah if the title wasn’t a bit of a giveaway, we’re going to talk about EA.

EA, the company that gave us battlefield bad company ½, the company that gave us Hardline. The company that gave us  battlefield 4, the company that gave us star wars battlefront. I would make the list longer but I’m pretty sure you all see where I’m going with this. Dice as a studio is capable of making truly next gen games, EA as a publisher is unwilling to wait for them to be ready. Just look at the games DICE has been working on, It recently released star wars battlefront and is still making content for it, the second battlefront is already being developed, mirrors edge: catalyst is currently in production and their will apparently be another battlefield by the end of the year. And oh the next battlefield is rumoured to be a sci fi spin off, so I’m just going to call and say that if they dare implement jetpacks in battlefield 5 I will just repost my blog from yesterday about innovation as many times as I need to get over it.

Now even for a studio as big as DICE they seem to become stretched a little thin this year. If you don’t know me personally then you probably won’t know of my love for the original mirror’s edge, but let me tell you now, I fucking love mirror’s edge. To know now the sequel of one of my favourite games of all times is not the studio’s main focus is quit worrying to say the least. This is not the say that I believe them incapable of pulling of both games and both of them being absolutely amazing. The problem here, Is that EA hasn’t been known to wait for quality to reach a certain point before releasing a game, finished or not. What I worry about even more, is how messing about both these games could potentially wreck the good name DICE has built for itself, and if that happens, well let’s just say EA hasn’t been to merciful in the past.

My hope, however, is that they involve DICE LA on one of these projects. The studio doesn’t have a game of its own yet, as it was only created right after the release of battlefield 4 to fix the broken state it was in. The results didn’t take too long to become apparent. Around the time they launched battlefield Hardline I gave battlefield 4 a second chance. It was hard to believe I was playing the same game I played one and a half year before. It ran smooth as silk, bugs where gone, gameplay was improved, and I was overall extremely happy. The overhaul they gave this game almost brought a tear to my eye, and now I would be really happy to see them involved in one of these projects, and we know now DICE might be able to use the extra manpower.

And as for EA, or any AAA studio really, let’s just all stop buying their games at release until they’ve shown that they deserve our trust. But until then let’s stop pre-ordering and save 20 euro’s/dollars by waiting a couple of weeks. Because as a great man once said,…

“EA: we’ll fix it later”

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