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the end of an eternal crusade?


Not too long ago Warhammer’s new IP “eternal crusade” finally made it’s steam debut on early access. Nothing special about it, aside of the games origin story. You see, “Warhammer 40 K: dark millennium” as it would have been called was going to be an MMORPG. The game announced in 2007, was being developed by Vigil Games until the closure of THQ who was going to publish the game. After that the future of the game seemed uncertain for a while. Later Vigil announced that they would abandon the MMO aspects of the game, because they felt they would not be able to make enough money of it,  and shifted their focus to a single player game that was to be called “Warhammer 40K: inquisitor”, not to be confused with Warhammer 40k: inquisitor – martyr, that was announced last year.

In 2013 the game got cancelled, and that was it for Warhammer’s next promising IP. At least that’s what we thought, but less than a year later a brand new MMO set in the Warhammer universe was announced. This game is to become a pvp focussed MMO, or as the studio said in an interview with rock paper shotgun:  “With Eternal Crusade we’re creating a game where players tell the story to us rather than the other way around, and it means a very different set of challenges from a development perspective than those faced by others in the genre. The game is an MMORPG, but not in the sense that it’s a content- and quest-heavy theme park – ours is more a system-driven virtual world in the vein of Planetside 2 or EvE Online. “There Is Only War” is our mantra, so for the most part the players ARE the content, and what PvE gameplay we have is procedurally generated. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from what Diablo-style ARPGs and co-op games like Left 4 Dead do to create infinite fun.” The game finally made it on steam and it seems to have quite a lot going for it, but there also seems to be quite a lot missing.

You see, when they said they we’re making a game “in the vein of Planetside 2 or EvE online”, they pretty much insinuated to have large open maps, a certain sandbox feeling, and disproportionally big battles, or at least one of those. But when you go to the website  you'll see nothing of the sort is being planned. Now they did announce in March 2015 that they would put all their focus on getting the 32 player mode to early access, but the only thing that is being planned according to their website is 30v30 pvp and 5 vs AI battles. Now maybe I just missed an announcement in which case please let me know, but otherwise that seems like a pretty big let-down to me.

Now some people may say that t can’t be judged in it’s current state because it’s early access, I disagree. The game as it is, isn’t all that interesting. It looks and feels like an inferior version of space marine with vehicles. Speaking of which, I know it’s not going happen but please give me a Space marine sequel. Anyway back to the matters at hand, the initial promises the game made would lift the game up to a must buy to any fan of the franchise, and at least a great game to the more casual fans, however as it stands now I wouldn’t recommend picking it up.

To conclude, ”Warhammer 40k: eternal crusade” is a game we should definitely keep an eye on, as it could be the epic conclusion of a seemingly eternal crusade. However bloody and brutal the game can be at some points, it just isn’t worth it at this point in time. Now I hope the developers go back to their initial plan, as the gameplay gets more fleshed out, and they can bring us satisfying end to a seemingly eternal crusade.

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