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remembering the fallen


Today I kind of felt like taking a look at games that are either no longer available to us, or burned in the eternal pits of development hell, either way corporate is the blame. So I did some digging, revisited some games, played some games that we’re in no way relevant to this topic, and felt like a true journalist, or something. So I found some games and ranked them in a completely arbitrary order solely depending on how appealing they were to me. 

Transformers Universe.
This game, originally planned to be an MMO set in the transformers universe. A year after it’s closed BETHA in 2013, Jagex announced the switch from an MMO to a MOBA game. Now truth be told the game wasn’t all that great. You chose a side, either autobot or decepticon, both had a couple of characters whit fairly generic pre-defined roles. The game had some strongpoints, mostly found in the tense chase when you found yourself against more opponents then expected, or when holding to line with some real tactical team play. 
But with not all that much to keep me playing I soon forgot about, and when I went to revisit it a couple of months later I learned the game was cancelled. Unfortunate but in the end no the big of a loss to the gaming community.

Prey 2.
Now in all honesty I never played Prey, nor am I really familiar with the universe, but a gorges looking sci fi bounty hunter game ? Sign me up. Unfortunately That game, who was being developed under BETHESDA, because according to them it did not match the quality standard they said for themselves. Now if this is true or just a lame excuse, we’ll never know. What we do know is that we have one less gorges looking sci fi bounty hunter game, and that’ not a good thing to anyone.

The Flock
Now The Flock is a the special case on this list, as it’s currently not taken down yet. The point of this game is that one guy wielding a torch plays against stealth based monsters in tense online matches, nothing special about that, kind of sounds like an evolve that might stay interesting for a while. But here is the catch, after 215,358,979 in game deaths the game will reach its conclusion to then no longer be available. Now I don’t necessarily hate this idea, but it is a good way to put people of.

Silent hills
This game is something else. The hype surrounding this game when it was first announced was incredible, not to mention it had Norman Fucking reedus. Who? You may ask,… DARYL, it had freaking Daryl! What else did it have? Maybe the most amazing announcement I have ever seen for a video game, and right when we all thought Konami was doing it right again, they cancelled the game. Oh and that wasn’t it, in case you haven’t been following these events, just keep scrolling.

Star wars 1313
So star wars 1313 could have been so great. A sci fi bounty hunter game set in the star wars universe, it could have been the Bobba Fett game we never got. The gameplay looked promising, the world interesting and graphics where all right, until Disney decided to cancel it. Once again a promising a gorges ci fi bounty hunter game was slain by our might corporate overlords.
 gone but never forgotten.

We all knew this one would be on the list, just like we all knew it would hold the arbitrary first place. P.T aka playable teaser, this was the game that contained the original announcement for Silent Hills. I followed the play through of P.T myself and I got to say. That moment where I saw Norman Reedus enter the screen and those two words appeared on the screen, that was a level of beauty I’ve rarely seen in games before. But together with cancelling Silent Hills, Konami, In its infinite knowledge decided to remove this game from PlayStation network. Now that’s not  even it, the company then made t very clear that legal action might be taken against people who keep the game alive online. This struck me at so offensive to both the developers and gamers alike that I took the main spot in my list and probably a lot of others as well in the years to come.
But as a wise man once said, FUCKONAMI.

So these where some games slain by the sword of injustice. Any games that should have been on this list?? Please let me know, or not,we all make our own decissions, but I would appreciate it if you did. So that was it for today, thank you verry much for reading, see you next time.

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