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To late for ninja's?


It’s a year like any other, a new assassin’s creed game came along, people played it, people forget about it, people moved on. That is the state this once great and inventive franchise is currently in. How in the world could a franchise, with in my opinion one of the best npc characters ever in games (Leonardo daVinchi), and the greatest third person parkour in any game, get to this point? The first assassin's creed was so great because it did something that had not been done before, but now Ubisoft seems to have forgotten about that. the second game was even better, and expanded on pretty much everything, then brotherhood came along and I freaking loved it. but then, like a lot of people, I found myself at a turning point somewhere in between assassin’s creed: revelations and assassin’s creed 3. The first of them improving on a lot of gameplay aspects but with a dull story and weak narrative. The second having cut out most of these additions (base defense, hook blade, bomb crafting,...) to gameplay, with an equally weak story.

Now let me state very clear that this is just my opinion and there will obviously be plenty of people who disagree, and that’s ok, and if you want to tell me why we can have a cool discussion about it. But enough of that,… back to the matters at hand.  As part of our yearly AC cycle people started speculating about the setting for the next, inevitable sequel. Ones again people throw all their hopes on ancient japan as they hope it would revitalise the series, and take it back to the good days of AC2 and brotherhood. Even though this would probably a good move for Ubisoft, I’m afraid it just might be too late for the AC franchise.

Now that’s not to say they should let the franchise die, I’m saying they should at least give us a break, and probably give themselves one as well in order to get their creativity back. Cause at the point were we are at right now, they didn’t just milk the cash cow, they drained it of any life and energy they could find just to be left with a mangled dying shell of a once vivid animal. And right now, I think even taking to game to ancient japan would not be able to save the series anymore, not after the recent disappointing years and growing distrust towards the publisher.

But now a new theory has popped up, one that claims we'll be finding ourselves in ancient Egypt. I will admit that it sounds really cool to climb pyramids, swim the Nile, etc. More and more people are just going to wait and see, and if they don't pull of their next sequel correctly I fear the worst for the AC franchise, cause Ubisoft is not the company to drag along dead weight.

So we'll see what the future holds for our free-running assassin's, but I wish them the best. But until we know more, I will be yoeri and continue to be afterwards, and thank you very much for reading.

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