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Drink Review - The Squirtle Evolution


**for the life of me, I cannot get pictures to upload...so I've linked images instead. SORRY**


Who doesn't want to drink their favorite pokemon?

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy my nerdy drinks. I mean sure, I'm a big girl, I can handle my straight shots every once in a while...at least one or two maybe....but the point is, I LOVE making cocktails and drinking fun, themed adult beverages. I figured I'd share with you my latest experience with you, and maybe I can motivate you to go out and try it yourself! It's the weekend ladies and gents, let's get our pokemon drink on! (Gotta drink em' all)


FIRST AND FOREMOST - are you 21? Are you sure? Then enjoy the read! Are you under 21? Silly goose, you shouldn't be drinking yet! DON'T MAKE ME TELL YOU TO BE SMART. Back on topic - it's important to keep in mind that when you make drinks, you can be as creative as you want. Sure, there's always a blueprint to help guide you in the right direction, but you can really do just about anything. Don't be afraid to do a little experimenting, we learn through failure...and sometimes, we get incredibly wasted through failure too....but the point is, BE CREATIVE. Drinking, like gaming, is all about the experience, so try to do something you like. If you're really worried about stepping outside the comfort zone, then just stick to the blueprint. Ready to go? Squirtle, I choose you!


The Squirtle is a fairly simple shot to make, and only require 3 main ingredients: spiced rum (your choosing), coconut rum (your choosing) and blue curacao. For my mixing, I pretty much stuck with the Captain Morgan route - regular spiced rum, parrot bay coconut, and of course your run of the mill blue curacao. The shot requires 3 equal parts of each. I've found that using the curacao first will make the drink more colorful, as layering can create some interesting effects. Overall, the shot isn't overpowering at all, but will leave you with a satisfying kick going down. 2 or 3 of these will start your night off just right!


The Wartotle is a simple route if you're wanting a drink to just unwind and enjoy. It takes half a shot of spiced rum, half a shot of coconut rum, and half a shot of blue curacao. How do you top off the drink? Good ole' Mountain Dew Voltage! The drink certainly carries a little more kick to it then the squirtle, but the addition of Mountain Death helps to balance it all out. I'd recommend serving this drink with ice too, crushed ice preferably but I normally use a couple of cubes. This drink is great after having a long day at work, perfect for unwinding and settling into a fun evening of training pokemon or hunting legendary thingies! 


The Blastoise is the drink to have if you're looking to let yourself go for the evening! Simply mix 1 squirtle, 1 wartotle, AND throw in an extra shot of 'light' rum. Me? I normally go with an extra shot of spiced rum, because I like kicking things up a notch! Top it all off with Mountain Dew Voltage of course, and you'll want to serve this bad boy in a larger glass too. A couple of these will leave you feeling pretty good...be wary, trying all of the above, or even going for a third blastoise could leave you feeling pretty wonky the next morning. Yeah, I said wonky, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?

Go get em', tiger!

Admittedly, I'm a pretty big nerd, but in honor of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, I figured some of you would appreciate some adult based poke-fun! Got some other fun cocktails to share? Tell me about them in the comments below! Together we can drink our way to a better tomorrow! Me? I'll be hanging here enjoying my Blastoise with Pikachu. 


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