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Cblogs of 2/13/15 - Oversleeping until Fire Emblem Fates comes out


I think this is the first time I did a recap late. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can't say I have a perfect track record, but it's either I get it done on time, or I simply ask someone to do it for me. However, my sleeping schedule has been pretty... fucked lately, so time has been slipping away from me. I usually don't sleep in 5 or 6 in the morning, and don't wake up until 4 in the afternoon. That's almost 12 hours of sleep I'm getting! While I wouldn't deny that I'm a bit lazy in the sense that I NEED at least 8 hours to even function correctly, I usually don't need that much sleep either. Then again, I've been pretty darn depressed lately, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

It sure doesn't help that my dreams are so much better than my real life. Sometimes I wonder if either the Dream Goddess is giving me good dreams to troll me... or the opposite, in the sense that she's trying to dote on me by comforting me in my sleep.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to Fire Emblem Fates this week. While I'm a bit nervous because I didn't preorder — remember that Fire Emblem: Awakening copies were scarce at launch, albeit due to a shipping error — if I can get at least one copy, I can wait for the other. Since I'm 95% strictly a physical gamer, I plan to pick up both version and rush to Chapter 6 on both copies. That way, I can either juggle them both, or get a good head start so when I do switch over, I'm already at the part of the game where I can immediately dive into new content.

Now, some people think Nintendo is nickel-and-diming people by having two different versions of Fire Emblem Fates, but I think that if there weren't two versions, we'd still only get "one version." I think by having two copies, Nintendo is willing to give the game a bigger budget. The one thing I am curious about is why isn't the Special Edition copy more widely available? My only guess is, like Resident Evil: Revelations, the SE versions of the game ships on a 4GB cartridge instead of the standard 2GB cartridge, and Nintendo doesn't want to produce more 4GB carts than they have to. However, since I don't actually make games for Nintendo — even though that's a dream of mine — that's PURELY speculation.

In the meantime, I've been goofing around with multiplayer games for two reasons. The biggest one is that there's no commitment: since there's no story to follow, I can play for as long as I want, and leave anytime I want without any major consequences. Sure, my skills may get rusty over time, but I suck at most titles anyway so it's not a problem. The second reason is that I enjoy the human element. I like going against players who can surprise the hell out of me, like when people pull off amazing feats that just seem impossible.

I know some people HATE playing Souls games online, but I LOVE the fact that some jerk can come into my world and fuck me up. Yeah, it's annoying if you're on a good run and you just want to fight the boss, and even more so if they're cheating while invading, but it's also just fun to be surprised. 

Anyway, before I go, I want to ask one more time for someone to partner up with me in Destiny. As Bungie stated, anyone who does at least 7 Crimson Doubles matches will get a 320 Light Ghost Shell in the in-game mail, and I need that to get a HUGE jump. My Ghost Shell is currently 284, so if I can get that 320 version, I might be able to turn my 290 Light Guardian into a 300. Once you reach 300 Light, you start to get better drops. I know you guys don't like Destiny, but PLEASE help me out. :3

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R - SeymourDuncan17 wants to see you do the Donkey Kong!

(Disclaimer: I actually did spend real money on this dance. I'd say it's worth it, but I don't want to be booed by everyone here. :P )

- Dreamweaver


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