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You tell me....

I really find it a bit sad that change is always in motion. We are in such a rush to be politically correct these days, that it's like we're constantly living in a state of paranoia. Even the most simplest of games such as Super Mario Bros. has to be careful not to offend organizations such as PETA when he puts on a tanooki suite (yes, that was a thing). We try so hard to set up rules and ethical codes to live by...and then we sit idly by while the ones in charge abuse them regularly, and walk away fancy free. It's kind of a giant mess...a vicious circle, if you will. It's enough to make anyone want to jump ship and just not bother anymore. I've spent a lot of time in the past few months just focusing on work, playing games for playing games, working on personal relationships, and I've found that it is very possible to enjoy these things when you keep it all to yourself. 

So what brought me back? You guys did. I care greatly for the online community here at destructoid, and I have for many years now. Even though there are many, many things that frustrate me, I still find myself wanting to keep in touch with the ones who inspire me the most. I think it's important that we have our opinions, that we share our opinions, and that we use them to be productive and constructive. Walking away is ALWAYS the easiest option, but that does not make it the best one. 

Happy Valentines day btw all, hope that your love for gaming will keep you here too! I'll be seeing you around the blogging bend!

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