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Wanna Bet? Fall 2015 Finale


In October last year I promised I would write this blog, and though it's a little later than I wanted it to be, I've finally found the time and inspiration to get it done. My "Wanna Bet?" series was supposed to be so much more when I conceived it, but life's a bitch. I've been so busy working these last few months that my minuscule amount free time was spent in a vegetative state in an attempt to remain sane. I've thought many times about just taking an hour off and knocking this blog out, but I was always so tired and brain dead at the end of the day that it just never happened. 

But that's enough about me, this is supposed to be about the big releases of the holiday season 2015. I made my predictions many moons ago, and boy does it show. Many games like Just Cause 3 and Need for Speed ended up being disappointments. Others like Guitar Hero and Assassin's Creed Syndicate turned out to be better than pre-release media let on. Scores are being taken from the highest I can find for the game across all platforms it's available on. Like in the great sport of golf, the lower the score at the end the better. Let's get it on.

Predicted Score: 49
Actual Score: 38 (Xbox One)
One line review: You done fucked up son.

Predicted Score: 86
Actual Score: 79 (Xbox One)
One line review: It's Rock Band.

Predicted Score: 75
Actual Score: 77 (PS4)
One line review: An actually good Transformers game.

Predicted Score: 73
Actual Score: 84 (Wii U)
One line review: Fake FMV bands are pretty cool.

Predicted Score: 79
Actual Score: 77 (PC)
One line review: It's no Vesperia.

Predicted Score: 77
Actual Score: 78 (Xbox One)
One line review: Cane swords are pretty fucking dope.

Predicted Score: 89
Actual Score: 84 (Xbox One)
One line review: eSports.

Predicted Score: 82
Actual Score: 66 (PS4)
One line review: It's got FMV, but not the kind you want.

Predicted Score: 88
Actual Score: 81 (Xbox One, PS4)
One line Review: A Christopher Meloni mind fuck.

Predicted Score: 94
Actual Score: 88 (Xbox One)
One line review: Shooting good, talking baaaaaaad.

Predicted Score: 87
Actual Score: 88 (PC)
One line review: More game, less shame.

Predicted Score: 81
Actual Score: 75 (Xbox One)
One line review: Where's the campaign?

Predicted Score: 90
Actual Score: 74 (PC)
One line review: It turns out even blowing shit up can get boring.

Predicted Score: 79
Actual Score: 78 (PC)
One line review: Fee 2 Pay is not okay.

Predicted Score: 83
Actual Score: N/A
One line review: Crossing my fingers.

Total score: 92

Conclusion: My future career as a mock reviewer is in jeopardy. 

Thanks for reading.

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