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Best Kickstarter implosion EVER as dev money is spent on booze and strippers


It's all about ethics in ant simulators. 

Developer Eric Tereshinski has resigned from Kickstarter-funded project Ant Simulator after discovering that the kickstarer and investment money for the game had been all but spent on "Booze, restaurants and even strippers" this week.

As a final "Fuck you," his partners in the project informed him that they would sue him into the ground if he tried to get the game out by himself. Internet speculators have suggested that he counter-sue, but Tereshinski has instead decided to draw a line under the project.

Gentlemen, please start your engines on the puns. I'll give one to start you off with: "More like Mighty Number WINE, amirite!?" You can't have that one. That one's mine. OK, then. Off you go in the comments section.

No, no, wait. I've got another one. "Looks like they spent the money on 22 Cans. OF BEER!"

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