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Last night I was messing around with Bloodborne, trying to get all the chalice dungeons put to bed and Queen Yharnam taken to funkytown for my Four in February. 

Things weren't going too well. For a start, I'd spent the last hour looking for the Defiled Chalice, only to find out that it was already in my inventory and it got renamed the Cursed And Defiled Chalice in a patch (I guess From decided the game wasn't QUITE miserable enough yet and needed some fine tuning.

After I'd finished screaming pissflaps at the universe and throwing the controller repeatedly at the couch, I ended up fighting the Watchdog of the Old Lords, only to find out that it had a barely-telegraphed AoE attack that could one-shot me. So enough of that, I figured, and that's how I ended up playing Beyond Eyes.

This fox: Fuck it also, probably

Or, you know. I might finish off Never Alone, just to see if the fucking fox dies.

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