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Waifu Wars: Lulu


Warning: Final Fantasy X and X-2 spoilers abound.

When I was younger, I used to fantasize all the time about fictional women from video games and movies. Like most horned up teenagers in my day, I remember playing Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball wanting to gawk at the DOA girls and fantasizing about Lara Croft. Of course I've grown up quite a bit since then and my interest in fictional women has waned. Not that I don't like to gander at beautful polygon ladies anymore, but I don't go out of my way to fantasize about them the way I did when I was a kid. As I've matured, so have my tastes and now it takes more thant just a nice pair of tits to win me over, not that it won't get my attention.

Lulu however is one of the few digital ladies that still gets my mind in a twist. She not only has the looks to kill for, but she's a proper all around bad ass lady to boot.

Lulu hails from Final Fantasy X (and X-2 I guess but I'll get to my opinions on that). An experienced Black Mage, her main role is a Guardian alongside Wakka and Kimahri who are sworn to protect Yuna until she fulfills her task as a Summoner. Lulu lost her parents as a child to Sin and was orphaned in Besaid along with Wakka and Yuna. Lulu considers Yuna to be a sister to her and as such dedicates herself to protecting her. She becomes a Guardian in the hopes that she can protect Yuna from following in her fathers Footsteps but Yuna is determined to see her fate through and Lulu reluctantly follows her wanting Yuna to choose her own path.

She's gone through several major losses including her own parents as well as her childhood friend and lover to Sin. Her previous roles as a Guardian were ill fated as she failed to protect the first and the second quit halfway through his journey. She feels burdened to fulfill her duties as a guardian in order to become a new person and leave her past behind. As a result of all of this, it's made her much more reserved and afraid to look weak.

Lulu is calm, collective and rarely loses her temper though she can be scolding. She doesn't smile often and is often times stern and intimidating. Yet despite her somewhat frigid nature, she really is quite caring and has a kind heart while deep down trying to keep her emotions at bay. Her experiences have caused her to look at the world through logic and realism and as a result is one of the few to start questioning the teachings of Yevon.

She is incredibly intelligent always imparting knowledge to the party about their journey. Her upbringing as a worshiper of Yevon however starts to conflict with her knowledge of the world when her fate starts to dwindle and she starts to struggle to believe what she's come to learn is true or not. She eventually overcomes her struggle when she denounces her faith and as a result starts to let her emotions out more even displaying it by being the first to dive into Sin.

Lulu is incredibly beautiful in a statuesque way. Her amazing voice (provided by Paula Tiso) is calm clear and seductive. Her figure looks like it was carved from marble and here eyes are quite possessive. Her skin is pale but fair and makes her purple make up stand out. She's quite busty showing off her cleavage but other than that doesn't show off much skin from her shoulders down. Her clothes consist of a large black dress with a fur trim around her bust line and lace trim around the other edges. Her bottom consists of a plethora of belts interlaced together to cover her legs. At first they seemingly aren't holding anything on but in fact they are there to cover her legs as there's nothing underneath. She's knows she's hot and likes to show off her beauty with a number of necklaces and rings and might be the only woman who can compete with Bayonetta in Hair Accessories.

In battle, Lulu is no slouch being an expert at Black Magic. Her overdrive allows her to Spam magic attacks on her foes and when leveled up she easily becomes one of the best members of the party. She likes to taunt her enemies and she pulls items out of her cleavage. The best part though is her main method of physical attacks are using various magically possessed stuffed dolls based on various Final Fantasy creatures. Her main one is a Moogle but her arsenal includes a Cactaur doll, a Cait Sith doll and her Ultimate weapons is the Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III, complete with sprite Onion Knight on his shield.

I have pretty much no criticisms about Lulu except one, which comes in the form of Final Fantasy X's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. Basically, somewhere in the time between X and X-2, Lulu and Wakka eventually hooked up, got married and had a kid. This is considered by myself and many others as one of the stupidest relationships in video game history. Lulu and Wakka's relationship in Final Fantasy X always came off as a brother sister sort of relationship since Lulu was in love with Wakka's brother Chappu. Lulu seemingly looks out for Wakku a lot and is constantly scolding him and giving him the cold shoulder, save for a handful of times when she displays how much she cares for him, which again comes off more like a sister looking out for her brother than a lover. Lulu never once hints at any truly romantic feelings for Wakka and at some point both deny any romantic feelings confirming their sibling like relationship. Lulu at points even seems to show more attraction for the main character than Wakka through out the game. They also ended up having the stupidest looking kid ever.

Lulu is by far the best Waifu. There are a lot of Anime and Video Game ladies out there that catch my eye but only a handful have really got my head in a spin and Lulu is the one that always makes my heart throb. I've talked about Lulu quite a bit here on Dtoid and now I've solidified my opinion on why Lulu will likely always be my number one.

Lulu is love. Lulu is Life

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