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The Dtoid Designs 3 Item Challenge Winner


It’s the end of the month and that means it is time to reveal the winner of this month’s Dtoid Designs contest. The challenge for the first C-Blogs exclusive challenge was to create a game in Super Mario Maker using just three items. We had all strong entries this month, but only one winner. 

Challenge Winner: Firefreeze Castle Cruise by Bret 

Level ID: B398-0000-017F-3870 

Bret’s cleverly crafted ice castle level really put my platforming skills to the test. Using only ice blocks, track piece and flames, this challenging level will probably cause quite a few rage quits; but when you do finally reach that axe, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment many other levels can’t give. 

Runner Up: Pipe Panic by TheBlondeBass 

Level ID: B195-0000-0172-0537 

Thank you to everybody who entered. We are doing this again next month so be sure to check out the blogs here at Destructoid tomorrow!

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