After Destructoid it's not worth commenting on other gaming sites.


Commenting on many websites throughout the years, I would have to say that here at Destructoid it can be much more entertaining than any of the other gaming sites I browse. A decent/fun website, in my opinion, has a mix of great fun articles, likeable staff, and interesting characters in the comments sections. In the following moments I will share my experiences browsing and trying to comment on other gaming sites....and the results of such efforts.  Hope I don't bore you too much.

Here are a few examples of websites I don't bother with anymore when it comes to commenting and why:


A few years ago, I guess some assholes started putting rape pics and some other fucked up shit on all of Gawker Media's sites.  So instead of moderating and finding a solution, banning IPs etc, EVERY time I (and many others) post on there, it's hidden and if I click to see it, then it says "Pending Approval".  The problem is that the comment usually stays like that....invisible.  Sometimes I have legit questions, sometimes I have a random comment. It seems some people's comments always show up right away, but I don't frequent Kotaku enough to know what they do to get the magic privileges.


Community there was pretty decent but was the website was screwed by AOL last year....sad. Alas no comments can be made now.


They put out different interesting Japanophilic articles, but it's like a post apocalyptic desert in the comments section and even when someone replies, it feels bland.  I truly enjoy the Japan-centric style of the stuff Siliconera covers, but they remind me of someone I dated. She was good looking, but during sex she'd just lay there and didn't like to move at all. Maybe I sucked at sex, but when it's easier to hump a couch and get the same reaction, why bother?  Same thing with the comments section. Why bother?


Siliconera started out as a fun place to hang out.  The commenters were decent, even funny and Siliconera's abundance of Xenoblade Chronicles X articles kept me coming back every day. The one day, almost a year ago, I was banned.  My crime?  Complaining that Dragon Quest VIII wasn't going to have a Vita port.  Here is the vile filthy disgusting comment that got me banned:

Nuff said, they just didn't get me....to many #'s @'s and $'s I guess. If I had to compare it to anything, it reminded me of this one time a friend suckered me into going with him to some creepy Jehova's Witness Church. Everyone seemed nice and friendly, then I made a dead baby joke and everyone shunned me the rest of the day.  At least they learned how to make a dead baby float.

PS Blog:

Don't even get me started on the Playstation Blog. It's a soulless place. Stay away if you can. I love my PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, but the fanboyism there makes me gag.  That and the mods NEVER answer any questions, they only reply brown nosing comments from said fanboys.

  Any thoughts, sirs? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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