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Tony The Tiger vs Furry Porn vs Chester Cheetah


"Hey, Tony the Tiger, I want to see if you have stripes under those shorts!" Said no-one, ever. Only this is the internet, so they did, on Twitter, at Kellogs' official account, and now the people who make the Tony the Tiger cartoons know that furries exist. GG, everybody. GG

Please believe me when I say I am in no way making fun of them when I say they are not taking the news well. This is a big reveal. Remember when JK Rowling found out about fanfiction.net? Yeah, like that, only with more cement truck sized loads of tiger balm.


Kellogs has reacted with the decorum and professionalism you would expect from the curator of a beloved childrens' mascot, and has been blocking everyone involved in the inappropriate messages. And that's how the story should have ended, shouldn't it? Yes, it should.

Until Walker's Crisps (or Frito Lay, to use the name of their reptilian overlords) stepped in.

2015, you may remember, was the year in which Sega finally managed to make Sonic hip again. They didn't do it by making a good game with solid level design and clever physics which was well received by the press (HA HA THE VERY IDEA), they did it by setting up an official Twitter account for Sonic, in which he acknowledged and embraced all the deviant memes and fan fury that have built up over the years. He made fun of Sonic 2006, saying it never happened. He posted Sanics and GOTTA GO FAST pictures made in MS Paint. The internet went mad over it.

What I'm building up to is that in the counter-viral-campaign of 2016, the OFFICIAL Chester Cheetah is now flirting with furries on Twitter.

Yes. Frito Lay is running with the joke.

And that's awesome.

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