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NVGR: New Music Album 2AD16 - I Has Been Released


Hello friends. I've released 2AD16 - I on Bandcamp for free (price will go up to $3 at an unknown time.. probably months from now :p). While I was hoping for at least 12 tracks, I figure 10 should be enough for an album, especially at the future price. It's about 38 minutes of music. I've always wanted to release albums that would fill a 74-min CD, but I imagine people don't have time to listen to that sort of stuff all at once. 

I covered most of the tracks in my previous blog. I'll copy/paste what I wrote so it seems like there's more meat to this blog :p Then I'll talk about the other tracks. 

The Man That Time Forgot (2016) - A dramatic theme, written for a character in my AD Infinitum universe (Okinui). The man exists where time does not (Asphodel Meadows).

Relaxing ~for Piano~ (2016) - Relaxing is a classic piece of mine going back to around 2003. Originally written for more instruments, I thought a piano-only version would sound nice. While the notes were punched in manually, this is a song I feel fairly comfortable playing live, since that's how I originally wrote it.

Silkworm (2016) - Written as a "side-scrolling shoot-em-up" song, Silkworm could be one of the first levels of a video game. I named the song Silkworm because of the Psssssh sound you hear often in the song :p

Monster (2016) - I wanted to write something a little dark and sad. As if the song was written for a monster feeling alone and feared.

No Ticket ~ChillyBilly~ (2016) - A remake of ChillyBilly's wonderful song "Stuck Outside Without a Ticket" from the Songs for Gamers album. This time around, I wanted to make it more focused on the piano, so I rewrote the first part for piano. I also wanted to use bells in the second part.

Gradient Divide (2016) - The title was suggested by Occams when I was looking to create a fake game soundtrack. It would've been a bullet-hell type shooter. The song is probably similar to Silkworm, in that they are both written for shooters. This song seems a bit loud compared to the other songs so far, so I might rework the volume for the album release.

Looking Back (2016) - I wrote this song after writing up the blog, and decided I wanted to share it now, even though some people have already seen the blog post. When I post the completed album, I plan on linking all of the songs again, so it won't be missed either way. Looking Back is one of my classic pieces from when I was writing music for a game that never released.

Everything I've Learned (2016) - One of my favorite classic tracks. I think it's a pretty sad song, similar to Looking Back. I wrote it using chord progressions I'd been kicking around in piano journals at the time, which is why it's called Everything I've Learned. Obviously it's not every chord/melody :p but my favorites at the time. I highly recommend this one. 

Convulsions (2016) - Oh man listen to this gem. I'm really proud of this remake. I wrote it back in around 2004-2005. It's one of the first songs written "by the instrument" I used (the chords fading in and out). 

End of the Line (2016) - A nice piano-focused track to end the album. 

I'm not sure what the next album will be, but I'd like to try to keep writing music if I can. I have a lot on my mind, including dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression. Also got some things that need to be resolved. I hope you enjoy at least one track on this album :p Thanks for listening, as always.

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