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My Top Ten Games of 2015


This is my first post on this site, so what better way is there to break the ice than a top ten list? Everybody loves lists. This specific list is of the top ten games I played that were released in 2015. So please, read, enjoy, scrutinize, etc. 

10) Resident Evil HD Remastered

            I understand that this game was officially released a few years ago on Wii and on Gamecube before that, but it was released in true HD this year and it was my first time playing it. This game is everything a fan of the series could want from a remaster. The graphics, animations, story points, controls, and dialogue are all completely over hauled and are incredible improvements. I'm hoping that RE2, which was objectively better than the original RE, will receive the same treatment.

9) Dragon Ball Xenoverse

            I have always been a gigantic Dragon Ball nerd and being so I have trudged through a lot of terrible licensed games the past 8 or so years since Budakai Tenkaichi 3 came out on PS2. Xenoverse is the best game from the franchise since those PS2 glory days and is an excellent sign of things to come from the license. It takes a lot of liberties in telling a fresh story and it is greatly appreciated by those of us that have played/watched the same sagas over and over.

8) Grow Home

            Simple and cute. You play as a small robot tasked with pulling crystals out of random areas on an island in order to make a plant grow. It sounds weird to say, but this game has fantastic grabbing mechanics. You can use those mechanics to climb anywhere on the map. It's a lot of fun to explore and monkey bar through areas with your little robot pal.

7) Star Wars Battlefront

            As Star Wars pandemonium reached its fever pitch with Force Awakens releasing in December, EA and Dice struck while the iron was hot with Battlefront releasing within a month of the hyped movie. This is a sleek and incredibly faithful, visuals and sound wise, adaptation of the original trilogy. This game is a blast(haha puns) to play in short bursts, but a lack of immediate content in the base game really hampers the success it could have had.

6) Batman Arkham Knight

            Step back into the boots of the Dark Knight as he drives his super rad tank car through a mental breakdown. This game does a lot to expand on the formula established by Arkham City, while adding in Bat-mobile segments that tend to hold the game back from being a greater product. However, the action provided in this story is fantastic and it looks stunning.

5) Until Dawn

            This horror movie inspired title is possibly THE best looking console game of 2015. The game is very narrative driven and because of this there is more of a focus on the facial animations of the characters that allows the actors to sell their performance in ways most games can not accomplish. Until Dawn handedly accomplishes what David Cage has tried to do with Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls in that it provides an immersive and intriguing cinematic experience from start to finish.

4) Fallout 4

            War never changes. Neither does Fallout in certain respects. This game makes some attempts at bringing some fresh updates to the Fallout series with the weapon and armor mods, improved gunplay, and a storyline that keeps its options morally gray. There are some great positives at play in this game, however there are so many notes that this game hits that Fallout 3 laid forth already that really holds it back from being a fresh dive into the post-apocalyptic future.

3) Rocket League

            The perfection of the simplistic mechanics and goal of the game makes Rocket League really shine. I'm not a fan of soccer and I'm not usually too into driving games, so I never would have imagined that I would invest so much time in a soccer game played with cars. This game is the embodiment of the phrase "easy to learn, hard to master," but it is so incredibly satisfying to master pieces of the game and use that to win matches online.

2) Bloodborne

            I've played Demon's Souls and I've played Dark Souls. I thought I would be prepared for this game, but man was I wrong. This game uses similar mechanics to the Souls series, but changes the tempo and aggressiveness of enemies that requires you to go full tilt all the time. It's incredibly hard to build defense and turtle shell enemies like I did in Souls and learning to play full bore 24/7 was a fantastic experience to have. It's a beautiful game with a fantastic horror setting that everyone with a PS4 should play.

1) Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

            This is the big one. I've been a huge Metal Gear fan for a long time and this is my most hyped game of the year. The mechanics are the best in the series and this game is smooth as silk. There were times when I wish the game would of elaborated more on story or would have had more focus on the major story beats, but the scant storytelling was an interesting direction for the series to go in. Overall some of my best gaming experiences of the year came from the wide range of approaches the game allowed me to take to go through different missions.

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