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Nintendo Force magazine! You might like it!


Nintendo Force is a print magazine that I've contributed to for fun since... 2014? Something like that. It comes out every two months, and it makes me really happy. I think I get paid to work on it, but I try not to think about that. It's way more fun to do stuff just for the love of it, so i try to keep other motives out of my mental equation if I'm able to.

Of course, the magazine itself needs money in order to stay in print, even if I don't need money to keep writing for it. Our next year's worth of issues is on sale through Patreon right now. This is our first year using Patreon as a shop. In years prior we used Kickstarter. Things are going pretty well so far. We're still a few thousand away from being able to move forward, but our latest issue hasn't been sent out to subscribers yet. Once it does, they'll all get the word that Patreon is the way to keep their subscription running, and we'll likely end up with a couple thousand more customers. 

Speaking of the next issues, here's a highlight, featuring me, Chris Carter, and David Oxford (in Mii form) talking about Bayonetta in Smash Bros.!

I had a bunch of other samples I wanted to show you, but they aren't uploading for some reason. I also wanted to show you the big ole' Xenoblade Chronicles X poster that came with issue 19 (it's really big), but I failing at that too! Oh Gosh darn it...

Anyway, it's a neat magazine, so if you're interested in Nintendo games and enjoy experiencing words and pictures in glossy, high quality print, then I think you'll enjoy it! 

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