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Five video games with awesome people hiding in them


Ever had one of those IMDB binges where you just keep clicking the names to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? The kind that ends up with something like OMG MAX FROM PHANTOM 2040 IS MINSC FROM BALDUR'S GATE AND THE GUY WHO SAYS "HE CAN TALK" TO DONKEY IN SHREK? 

You probably have. If not, and you're curious as to what the hell I'm talking about, take a look at my top five OMG voice actor Googling moments from video games.

1. Bobcat Goldthwaite is a goddamned Skylander

If you were watching movies in the 1980s, you'll recognise Bob Goldthwaite. He's the go-to crazy guy in everything. Even when he's dolled up to look like a regular human being in Scrooged, there's no mistaking that voice. You know immediately it's the crazy guy from Police Academy. He's got one of the most distinctive OH JESUS CHRIST HE'S POP FIZZ. Now I have to get my figure signed. I wonder if the portal will still be able to read the chip afterwards?

2. Destiny wiped its arse on Captain Malcom Reynolds

Peter Dinklage phones a lot of shite in, and he got a fairly robust ribbing from the internet for the way in which he sleepwalked his way through the role of Ghost in Destiny. Let's be fair though, he didn't get much to work with. Let's be fairer though - he got a lot more to hang his hat on than Nathan Fillion, who was cast as... some kind of blue robot with a dick for a head. I guess he's one of the handlers. I dunno, remembering the names of the characters in Destiny is more effort than I put into this job.

Mal's second in command was in the game too, as Ikora Rey. IKORA FREAKIN' REY.

3. Mike Patton from Faith No More is Glados' rage sphere

I FREAKING LOVE Peter Serafinowicz. I loved him in Spaced and Black Books. I loved it when he was the voice of Darth Maul. I loved him as an English spy pretending to be an Italian spy pretending to be a British spy (I think?) in Spy. I loved it when he sang Little Mouse with Robert Popper on Look Around You. And just when I thought my love for him couldn't be any more beautiful, I found on on Twitter that he was a motherfucking Sunbro.

That's probably why he weedled the role of Mild-Mannered Pate in Dark Souls 2. Not that Pate's a Sunbro. Pate's basically Patches v2.0, by which I mean he's a sociopathic, manipulative murderer. But still. It's PETER FREAKING SERAFINOWICZ.


If you've enjoyed this arbitrary internet list and would like to do your own digging on the IMDB, you might also enjoy playing Dalek Sex's IMDB Video Game Voice Actor Drinking Game!

The Rules:

1. Drink every time you find Tara Strong.


1. Drink every time you find Tara Strong or Nolan North.

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