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Silent Hill is not a pachinko machine and Konami does not make pachinko machines


There's something I need to get off my chest. 

There is no Silent Hill pachinko machine. Look at it. There's a picture of the thing, right up there. Does it look like a pachinko machine to you? Do you see any balls? No. It's a slot machine. A fruit machine. A one-armed bandit. Whatever you call them in your culture.

I can understand the confusion. The Japanese call slot machines "Pachislot" ("Pachisuro"). It took me a couple of years to figure that one out myself. What I can't understand is why I haven't seen the mistake corrected anywhere. On any site. Even Japanese-savvy bloggers and vloggers have published the above picture, WHICH IS CLEARLY NOT A PACHINKO MACHINE, and called it a pachinko machine.

I'm pretty sure there's a subtle form of linguistic racism at play somewhere. "Pachinko" has the whole LOL JAPAN thing going on for it. And it's a funny word. Check out this article at Siliconerathis which reports Konami filing a patent for "Big Boss" which covers slot machines, medal machines, pachinko machines and collectible card games by hooting "KONAMI'S PACHINKO COMPANY FILES BIG BOSS TRADEMARK!"

Now, I know for the purposes of clickbait journalism (and comedy) it just sounds better to say "Konami makes pachinko machines now." However, "Konami's Pachinko Company," has made one pachinko machine ever - Magical Hallowe'en in 2014. So if you say "Konami makes pachinko machines," using the plural, you are wrong, sir. Good day.

Pointy bracket slash rant pointy bracket.

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