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Don't tell Konami, but the Japanese mobile market is about to implode


So Konami has disposed of all its best talent so that it can concentrate on mobile games, because that's where the money is now? Well, they do say revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Last year, Japanese companies were hit by five refund scandals over the kompu-gacha (computer gatchapon) system. You've probably played a game which uses this system, where instead of paying for a cool new card you pay for a shot at drawing from the rare stack of cards which may contain said card. The new Star Wars game, Galaxy of Heroes is currently employing it. 

I won't bore you with the details, except for the Konami one because it's hilarious. Here we go: Konami "Forgot" to put the actual reward for an event into the event and YES YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'VE FORWARDED THIS TO JIM STERLING. 


The real damage, claims the above video at The Bilinguist, is only just starting. Now that Japanese consumers have got their first taste of Steam-style refunds, the floodgates have opened and any company which uses vague wording or screws up the description of their promotion risks a glorious, glorious Zerg rush of mass-refunding. It's already taking small developers down, and I can't imagine it's making the baby seal sushi garnished with the tears of orphans that Konami's execs definitely have for every single meal taste any better.

Keep an eye on this story and its implications for the "Pay to POSSIBLY win" model.

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