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Strategy Game Night Interest Gathering


Well after much talking and saber rattling it's time to finally get this thing started. In association with Friday Night Fights a Destructoid production would proudly like to present the idea of starting a strategy game night here among the Destructoid community. Now we all know that it's fun to shoot your enemies in the head, but what about getting inside your enemies head and taking them out from the inside? That's the beauty and fun of strategy games and for the most part it is what caused me to build a gaming PC. Now I've put countless hours into multiple strategy games but after a certain point you just want to play with other people because beating up on the PC or vice versa can be a little tiresome.

So with that in mind and an effort to try to get a strong multiplayer community back here I am gathering information on what games, nights and times would work best for everyone. The way I look at it we can designate a game for a few weeks and work our way through a game if it's something long term a la Civilization or Darkest Hour and if it's short term based we can do it for a few weeks. The competitor in me wants to make this a league of some sort where we all get points towards a final score and then one Dtoider is named the best strategic mind of the site. I also could talk to daddy bigcocks Mike Martin and see if we could get some prizes for winners of matches. Streaming is also a possibility for all you wannabe game stars out there. These are all just thoughts as we are still not set on anything yet, any suggestions in the comment section are helpful.

I did make a Google form because I love making them to gather information about times and days that work best for everyone. I personally would not like to compete with Friday Night Fights and maybe slide this into that empty TF2uesday slot. But whatever works for everyone is what we will do. Games are also in the form, I tried to hit as many games as I could but I know not everyone owns all of them but that's what steam sales are for right? (I should have done this before the winter sale I know!)

Holy crap that worked! Ok well if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to bring them up in the comment section, here's hoping that I get to devalue your economy soon then drive your country into the ground through moral destabilization of your citizens!

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