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Just Cause 3 Impressions/Review


Just Cause 3 Impressions/Review


Coil_Whine here. Wow, my last CBlog was in December of 2013. 761 days, to be exact. Without further ado, I present to y’all my most ambitious cBlog yet – Just Cause 3 Impressions/Review! That’s the name. Kinda shitty name but I don’t know what else to call it. Cocks.

I can’t stress enough about how fantastic Just Cause 3 is. It’s gameplay-wise the best in the series and is a marked improvement from Just Cause 2. Although it was developed by Avalanche New York (Avalanche Stockholm (the Just Cause 2 development studio) was busy at work developing Mad Max) the gameplay really holds up great. Fulton-style “Rebel Drops” help Rico get the tools he needs to cause a fuckload of Chaos. Graphically Just Cause 3 is one of the best-looking openworld AAA games on the market to date (up there with Witcher 3 and MGSV/Fallout 4), and it shows. Every plant, NPC, building, Gas Station, collectible, cow, and Gasoline tank is strategically and artistically placed in Just Cause 3’s sprawling open world. Absolutely dazzling explosions, tight controls and an abundance of collectibles make this game truly stand out. Bravo, Avalanche NY.

Despite what some may say, it’s rich and gorgeous Medici is an absolute joy to traverse. Not like Just Cause 3 doesn’t give you the tools you need to get around, however. With the agile Wingsuit and Grappling Hook, you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and efficiently. However, if you want to get over a large body of bright blue ocean, you can use a speedboat and if you want to race through the countryside (FLOWER ART!) you can use a high-powered Sports Car to help you on your path. Aerial traversal is also a snap with a multitude of lightning-fast jets.

Another AWESOME thing about Just Cause 3 is how massive it is. I’ve played for 44 hours according to Almighty Gabe Newell’s brainchild Steam (shameless profile plug) and here’s the awesome thing… I’ve only set foot in Insula Fonte (1 of 3 massive islands, and with only 9 out of 29 provinces included within its boundaries. I still have 3 challenges to max out all 5 gears on, and I only JUST completed Act I so I’ll probably be returning to Insula Fonte to blow up some loose ends in the near future. I have a feeling that Just Cause 3 will be a huge timesink for me, and I honestly enjoy every action-packed high speed second of it. I recommend this game to just about everyone, even the haters. I know you’re out there, haters.

I have a few more things to write about, and they’re really what makes Just Cause 3 special. Challenges and GEAR MODS are the bread and butter of my adventures on Medici. Holy fuck, they are some tasty bread and butter I’ll say. You can play tons of insanely addicting challenges (my personal favorites are the Bomb Run challenges, the Scrapyard Scramble, and Wingsuit challenges (which honestly remind me of Pilotwings, particularly Pilotwings Resort on 3DS. Awesome vibes, I tell you)) and by doing these challenges, namely doing well in them you can unlock all sorts of life-changing abilities that can take Medici by storm. I particularly enjoy the Booster GE-64 and 2X-3X tether Mods, as pictured here. Nitro is also very appreciated when I’m in a rush. I can supersonic charge my Sports Car and drive it up the mountains, only to send it crashing down. Dunno how Rico survives all the head trauma from driving cars off cliffs, or why the airbag never deploys. Thanks videogames.

Just Cause 3 can really expose my inner devil. I find a happy couple down by the beach, tether them together after they fuckin’ thank me for doing a great job liberating my home town of Medici, they cry “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS RICO I’M A-STOOK” or some heavily accented jargon, then I use my booster GE-64 to take them for a ride into the ocean, where a catastrophic explosion shakes the coastline. No survivors. Blood in the water. Chaos everywhere. All for a Just Cause!

You can also carsurf, an art I learned back with Simpsons Hit n’ Run on the original Xbox (one of my favorite games back when I was a kid actually) The dude in the car half-looks like flashback Sully from Uncharted 3, half-looks like David Madsen (step-douche ;) ) from Life is Strange, and half-looks like a modern version of Luigi what with the green attire. Too bad I blew his car up after tethering a few trucks to it (seen pictured). Fucked up times, but fun times too. Muahahaha.

Not captioning this one. Ok, maybe one tiny caption. Rocket-ass. Wew.

Cow torture. I tried to shoot it's tits but no milk came out, so kinda pointless? I want some god damn milk ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Okay, lousy port criticism time. The game runs from 30-45fps on max on my AMD gaming desktop. It’s not unplayable, just very laggy. Load times aren’t as bad as some people say, least not on my SSD and the latest patch. However, on my brand new AMD gaming laptop, things are drastically different. I think this game is a terrible RAM hog (often using 9GB out of 16GB on my desktop, and counting) but on my exclusively AMD gaming laptop the game is unplayable due to 8GB ram and CPU restraints. I got so frustrated with the stuttering in the game I just uninstalled it there. For anyone complaining about performance, I feel your pain. A solution to playing it on my laptop is Steam In-Home streaming, but my bedroom wifi sometimes shits the bed and makes it unplayable due to lag.

The DRM itself (not to be confused with the story DRM (Di Ravello Militia) which I find hilarious and ironic) is also a nuisance, but once the initial load is over you’re in for a real treat. Server booting is a problem though. I feel like the reason why people complain about its gameplay is because they just didn’t get very far in the game (before unlocking the advanced map icons and other necessities) and because Avalanche New York is a relative new-timer and the lack of deviation from Just Cause 2 may be due to new blood in the industry.) Other than that it’s an awesome game.

The future looks bright for Just Cause 3. The Air, Land and Sea DLC (Sky Fortress coming this month or February, get hyped!) and the potential for modding (Just Cause 3 MP Mod may be the best thing ever!) make me look forward to Rico Rodriguez’ future in Medici and beyond. Until then, I’m gonna go blow up some gasoline tanks and drive bomb-rigged cars into a pile of military trucks, bailing out of them before they blow up.

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