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Jinx's Most Anticipated Games of 2016 - Part Two


Last week I published the first half of my most anticipated 2016 games. Now I'm back with Part 2! So without further ado...

(PC & PS4 & One) I enjoyed the first Mirror's Edge, but it felt more like a proof of concept sometimes than a complete game. I'm hoping Catalyst will expand further on those ideas and really flesh out the gameplay and the story. I'm mixed about the "open world" thing, though. Does everything have to be open world now?! While it sounds nice in theory, I think it might make running confusing, or at least slow it down a lot as you look for your route. (Offical website)

(PC & PS4) The game Sony can't seem to shut up about, and which seems to be promising more than it could possibly deliver. But seriously, the idea of a huge universe to explore is really appealing to me. There are concerns about how much there will be to *do* in that universe, but lack of goals or structure didn't stop me from spending 260 hours playing Starbound sooooo... (Official website)

(PC) Indie platformers where you play a seemingly helpless character in a dark and dangerous world are pretty common. But this looks so wonderful. And who doesn't want to be a *slugcat*?! Smooth animations and water effects really make this one stand out from the pack to me. (Steam page)

(PC & PS4 & One) The Shadow Warrior reboot was a blast, mixing humor, gore, and beautiful visuals into a game fans of old-school FPS titles could really have a blast with. I'm a little nervous about the new game, though. The move to procedural generation sounds awful, even if it does help support the inclusion of 4-player co-op. I'm hoping that's just for the co-op levels. Regardless, Flying Wild Hog does great work, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that the single-player experience doesn't suffer. (Steam page)

(PC & PS4 & One & Vita) I love WayForward for porting the last two Shantae games to PC as they've given me some of my happiest times gaming over the last two years. Half-Genie Hero, which was funded through Kickstarter, is sure to be wonderful, too. PS: I <3 Rottytops. (Kickstarter page)

(PC) What if Castlevania was METAL AS FUCK? You'd have Slain! I'm honestly not too into metal, but I can't deny the gorgeous visuals and animations. Gimme gimme. (Steam page)

(PC & PS4 & One) The Witcher 3 was easily my game of the year 2015 (fuck Undertale), and its first expansion was great as well. Blood and Wine is estimated to be 20 hours long, but if it's anything like Hearts of Stone (supposedly 10) it will be far longer than that if you really want to dig into the content. At this rate The Witcher 3 could end up being my GOTY 2016 as well! Now if we could get them to do an expansion where you played as Ciri or Triss... (Dtoid article)

(PC) XCOM returns exclusively to PC, though hopefully console players will eventually get a port. Just watching Angry Joe play a little of it sold me. Yeah, it's mostly just more XCOM:EU, but that's really all I wanted anyway! That bad: apparently the RNG still thinks "80% chance to hit" means "always miss, even at point-blank when bullets are clearly going through the bad guy". Seriously, wtf guys?! (Steam page)

(PC & PS4 & One & Wii U) It's no secret that I find the newer 3D Mario games very disappointing. I want games like Mario 64, Sunshine, and Banjoy Kazooie where you feel you are actually in a world you are exploring. Yooka-Laylee, Kickstarted by some devs who worked on Banjo, looks to bring back that kind of gameplay. Why have explorative 3D platformers died since the N64? I dunno, but hopefully this game's success will help reboot the genre! (Official website)

I could add more, but this list is already out of hand! I hope some of you found a couple more games to add to your own wish lists, and let me know if there is anything you think I'm missing. Especially, umm, if they happen to be 2D platformers on PC or 3DS ;) I'm also looking forward to Zelda, in that it might be the game that makes me buy a Wii U or NX!

Finally, the Destructoid staff posted their most anticipated 2016 games today as well, so be sure to check out their lists!

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