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Brace yourselves. 10,000 character tweets are coming.


We like Twitter, enough of us for there to be over three hundred million users. Business likes Twitter, enough to have given the company nearly one and a half billion in revenue in 2014. The media likes Twitter, to the point that "You should Tweet that" is a thing, hashtags are used in conversation and Tweets are reported on the national news as... well... news.

No matter how many signs there are that Twitter is a solid product that people like, however, the company itself seems to be convinced that They Know Better. They replaced stars with hearts and favourites with likes, which caused a bit of a flap but I guess I understand. Then they gave us Twitter Moments, part of the ongoing terrorist campaign by all social media companies against NORMAL THREADED CONTENT PRESENTED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. WHY DO THEY KEEP DOING IT? STOP DOING IT.

And today, Re/Code is reporting that Twitter is going to be giving you the option to attach a 10,000 character article/blog post to your Tweet, in a "Click to expand" format. (Re/Code has apparently been poking this "Story" since September on and off and Twitter has refused to comment on it, so take that how you like.)

Not that this is anything to panic about. It's hardly Tweetnarok. It's essentially Twitter attempting to rip off Facebook's "Instant Articles" idea. It is kind of depressing, though - both as an irritating manifestation of the need to endlessly dick with things that work, and as a symptom of the stampede towards the cliff-edge of homogeneity as every product strives to be every other product in a cash grab that has all the firm grasp and conviction of the handshake of a dying man.

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