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You're looking at Samsung's new fridge. That's not a decal on the right, by the way, it's a GIANT FREAKING TABLET BUILT RIGHT INTO THE DOOR. The idea is that it syncs up with the phone of everyone in the house and acts as a kind of "Family hub," to quote the company line.

Here's the problem. This isn't the first time Samsung has tried to sell us the Big Mother Is Watching You Superfridge. The 2015 version left hundreds of owners complaining on forums that it took days to display buggy content and that the calendar app (sort of the point of the whole thing) was basically borked.

You can read here about how Samsung responded by dropping support for the system, and here about how the system didn't validate Google's security certificates properly, making it laughably easy to hack. The end of the tale left customers with a useless Babby's First iPad glued to their fridge, because the thing about gadgets is that they crash, break and go unsupported with embarrassing regularity and welding them to permanent fixtures like cars, fridges and marmalade makers is a fundamentally silly idea.

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