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Most of the stuff I played in 2015 and what I think about it


Disclaimer: This was supposed to be finished before the end of December 31 2015 , for anyone that cares sorry for the delay.

When 2014 ended I am going to assume a good amount of people were bored out of their minds when it came to games , it was a so-so year for games indeed. Now if people on the internet are good at anything it is recalling the last time they got screwed over , it was only natural for people to be worried that 2015 would be just as bad as the prior year. As luck would have it 2015 has been pretty swell for games and here are most of the ones I've played.

Console stuff:-

Dying light(Xbox one)- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-

A positive start to the year without a doubt and could have easily been labeled dead island 2 without anyone caring. The thing is that dying light is a combination of ideas you have already seen in other games but it is all held together by a solid parkour mechanic. Another thing worth mentioning is that I found the graphics to be quite alright despite the noticeable downgrade.

Opinion: Stick with the game until you can move around fast enough and have higher buildings to jump from. I felt the game's mechanics were great because they eliminated the need for vehicles , but their adding a vehicle anyway via DLC so fuck me and everyone who looks like me.

Battlefield: Hardline(Xbox one)- Finished: In progress:-

The idea of cops vs robbers in shooters is like the shallow end in a pool , developers splash around there and then leave. I had a hard time getting into the campaign story since you have enough ammo to erase all suspects forever but you have to exercise restraint.
Multiplayer on the other hand is fun for a while and I probably spent more time with it than other multiplayer modes this year because it was more a less stable at launch and had enough content. As far as I know when it comes to cops vs robbers in games BF:HL's only competition right now would be call of juarez: the cartel and the kane and lynch series, visceral games says you're welcome.

Opinion: I will exercise my right to remain silent.

Evolve (Xbox one)- Finished: Unlocked the kraken and gave up:-

New IPs are a nice thing but in Evolve's case any fun you might be able to have with the game is buried underneath a flawed matchmaking system , balancing issues and most likely one of the worst DLC structures ever.

Opinion: Avoid it and keep waiting for Left 4 Dead 3.

Sunset overdrive- Finished: In progress:-

This is one of those games that sells itself based on the fun factor , additionally it does have an appealing art style and an alright soundtrack(unless you don't like rock). I intend to start over with this but from what I played it is at its most fun when you are in full motion and guns blazing , it kind of feels like a combination of total overdose and jet set radio future.

Opinion: If you are an Xbox one owner perhaps it is worth playing one of the few exclusives that has not been fucking ported to the PC.

Mortal Kombat X (Xbox one)- Finished: Yes:-

I don't think I played this entry as much as MK9 , but I would still consider it an improvement since Netherrealm did about 2 things right here. First off this would be their first game I have been able to play online and second is that they introduced new characters worth caring about. So yeah I'm alright with this.

Opinion: As much as Mortal Kombat changes Quan Chi will always be a massive asshole.

Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox one)- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-

Just to be specific here I only recommend the default console version(XBO or PS4) of the game without any DLC. If you are still curious as to why I enjoyed this entry so much it is more a less that I could not put the game down , I don't agree with the complaints about too much batmobile since we have already had 3 batman games in which he is on foot. Lastly whilst I enjoy the combat and adventure aspects of the game the story takes a turn for the shit but that did not really kill the experience for me.

Opinion: Save Gotham or not they were all going to drown anyway due to infinite rain.

Bayonetta-1 (WIIU)- Finished: Yes:-

I had already bought a used copy of this game to play on the Xbox 360 , but it is always nice to have more games to play on the wiiu. Not the best controls with the wiiu tablet but the game comes along with the physical copy of Bayonetta 2 , it's a quality title either way and I recommend that you try it out regardless of what system you play it on(FYI the ps3 port was messy from what I heard).

Opinion: Who knew religion could be so much fun.

ZombiU (WIIU)- Finished: Yes (WRITER'S PICK):-

It's simple to forget what makes video games fun sometimes then you play a game that reminds you why. When I first played ZombiU I quickly got bored of it on normal , I decided to give the game a go on survival. After restarting the game about 5 times it was easy to say I was intent on finishing it , the idea that you only have 1 life through an 8 to 10 hour game is pretty scary. So yeah aside from being one of the actually scary horror games I have played this year it also happens to be some of the most enjoyment I have had with a game in a long time.

ZombiU was ported to other systems this year however I really suggest you play it on the WiiU( if you already own one) , the game was built around the tablet and a additional features(local multiplayer , online scoring and messages) were stripped in the ported version.

Opinion:  Don't look down.




This is skippable material unless you feel like making sense of the story in the main game , I think that is probably the nicest thing I could say about this because it more a less comes across as a AAA walking simulator. The first two DLCs will show you Kidman's side of the story where as the third DLC will let you play as the executioner which is fun for about 15 minutes.

Opinion: The second DLC is pretty much the best since it has the most action , still ask yourself if you really enjoyed the main game to begin with..I know I did.

Halo 5- Finished : Yes:-

Probably one of my most anticipated for this year , while the campaign is short I did enjoy it throughout but Locke is nowhere near is likable as he is in the nightfall episodes. The game was announced with a trailer featuring master chief who is barely in the story. The multiplayer is functional but my enjoyment with it quickly faded for no apparent reason. The biggest flaw I found here is the lack of splitscreen , who thought it was a good idea to remove a feature that was available in pretty much every entry up until now , if you were planning on getting the Xbox One just for Halo 5 my advice to you is wait.

Opinion: It is time for white people to find another source of entertainment.

Call of duty: Black ops 3 (Xbox one)- Finished: Yes:-

Buying COD games has become a tradition for me , the real fun of it is seeing how many people will decide they love it before calling it the worst thing ever. The actual game is more a less fine , the campaign is enjoyable for having a story in which they have to introduce characters , a conflict and a resolution in just 5 or 6 hours. The multiplayer is a lot more fluid thanks to the movement system which still has jetpacks but they are not the main goto here.

This entry has had the most bugs I have encountered in a console version of COD ( losing my saves after the game patched , host migration crashing the game and matchmaking not working after a week from buying the game). If you still believe that there is any fun to still be had with this maybe wait till it's cheaper.

Opinion: Even with the bugs this is still a better game than advanced warfare.

Rise of the tomb raider- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-

A highly enjoyable action adventure title despite bad writing. Also every skill you learn as you level up will always in some way make you a better killer (kind of unsettling) , Lara's deaths are much less gory but still hard to watch. I really don't think this should be advertised as another origin story since the reboot really wrapped that up good. While I do think you should play this maybe wait for the PS4 or PC version since they will likely run/ look better.

Opinion: In the next entry Lara will find her butler to be and then murder his entire family before locking him in the freezer.

Devil's third- Finished: Yes (WRITER'S PICK):-



 Such a long wait for this one , this is one of those games in which critics and consumers will have differing opinions. The campaign has its highs and lows(the start of the game) , I do believe it is at least one playthrough since the characters are likable enough and it makes up for the lack of boss fights I expected to have in metal gear 5.



Many (if not all) of the reviews I have read for this game will immediately point you in the direction of the multiplayer , all I will say is that you should get comfy with the controls and expect some lag also fire is very overpowered.

I think this is one of the most unfairly reviewed games in while since the troubled development pretty much guaranteed the final product would not be perfect , still don't get me wrong I would prolly score this in the 5-7 range but some scores out there are way too low and some words are way too harsh.

Opinion: Nintendo of America did their best job to bury this game , I could complain about that or I could shut up and be thankful they decided to actually release it because I bought the wiiu to play devil's third and I won't forget that anytime soon.

Yakuza 5- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-

If you happen to be a fan of this series then you're probably used to waiting , and wait is what people did for the digital only release. I cannot recall finishing any other other game on my ps3 in 2015 , I had to switch the hard drive for the first time just to have enough space to download the game(because you need double the fucking space for downloads on ps3). But the wait and the hassle was all worth it in the end just because the game wraps up everything quite nicely with a pay off that justified the 40+ hours I had to put into the game(way more than metal gear 5 I might add).

Opinion: Sony and Sega's best move this year.

PC Stuff:-

Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-

An unexpected sequel to the great great downloadable that was Lara Croft and the guardian of light , more of the same really just with up to 4 players this time. The higher amount of players can mess with the camera positioning and the game is not as polished as you would expect with bugs and connection issues. Still worth a purchase and a playthrough if the price is low and you have a coop partner(s)(Thank you starwars).

Opinion: We need more egypt theme games.

Kickbeat Steam Edition- Finished: The guy's story section:-

Not much to say here , I don't mind the stock tracks but there is a certain minute limit of custom tracks and you have to config them anyway so bummer. I would suggest it if you have a 360 controller that works with pc and you find the game cheap.

Opinion: Gee I sure like music from the early 2000s.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number- Finished: Yes:-

An anticipated and likely forgotten sequel , more of the same but with bigger levels. The sequel introduces new flaws in the formula with you often being killed from off screen and door ways making the game's AI very exploitable , the story was supposed to make sense of things...it didn't?

Opinion: You probably only cared about the soundtrack anyway.

Hatred- Finished(WRITER'S PICK):-





 When this was announced it sparked a whole debate about whether or not some games should be allowed to exist , when I got to actually playing it within 5 minutes I realized the spree killing theme was just a marketing thing. Of the many top down shooters I have played I'd say Hatred stands out with its unique look , impressive destructible environments and  90s level design. Just don't blame me if you end up on some watch list for playing it.


Killing floor 2- Finished: It never ends(WRITER'S PICK):-





 An example of early access done properly and a quality sequel to the great PC exclusive that was killing floor 1 , there seems to be more of an emphasis on movement this time around along with showing off gun and gore effects a lot more. As long as they keep up with regular updates and don't break the game with microtransactions killing floor 2 will be fine in my eyes.

Opinion: Oh what , everyone on your team is a gunslinger?

Resident evil: revelations 2- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-





 Turning a handheld spin off into a console oriented game is not the easiest thing to do , but then releasing it in parts over the course of a month and messing up the PC release? yeah the pc version did not have the best release.

Still I have to give cappy some credit for patching in local coop on PC , I think thats the way this game should be played just bear in mind one player will have access to firearms whilst the other will not. Shout out to wormio for sloggin through this.

Opinion: Play in coop or just skip it.

Wolfenstien: The old blood- Finished: Yes(WRITER'S PICK):-





 A polished prequel to Wolfenstien: The new order that reminds you why killing nazis is so much fun , really nothing bad to say about this from me and in some ways I think it may be a better game than its successor. It's a good buy if you like shooting stuff , just be ready for a big download and some tweaking if you go for the PC version.

Opinion: Why snipe when you can pipe.

Mad Max- Finished: Yes:-





 This is a solid okay game for me , I don't love it and I don't hate it. The combat and driving really need upgrading before you will enjoy either of them. Still there is both quality and potential here (especially for a movie license game) , you just have to look hard for it.

Opinion: Maxwell is rather angry.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow six: Siege- Finished: Rank 13(WRITER'S PICK):-

I suppose it is easy to be impressed when you go in with no expectations , this will likely be brought up in conversations regarding good multiplayer only games. Rather than ranking up and equipping gear it is tied to operators that you unlock with points , unlocking operators has a playing with action figures vibe to it if you ask me(I don't do that anymore…). But really what makes this stand out is just that it reminds you shooters are not just about spawn , sprint , zoom and shoot. It's not the most tactical and team work oriented game but it will do.

Opinion: A great way to end the year , buy for 40 bucks or less and play with friends.





And here we are again scratching our heads about what comes next , honestly though it was very easy to avoid the bad games of 2015 since you could see them miles away. I would say while the quality of games has improved in 2015 the behavior of developers / publishers has not. I leave 2015 with a greater understanding of women and electricity , I am less worried about games in 2016 and more about the next major life decision I'm going to fuck up. All I can do for now is try to remain positive on the road to dying broke and alone , well that and wish you the best this year. As always thanks for reading and I leave you with a track from the best album of 2015(if you ask me anyway).

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