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Jinx's Most Anticipated Games of 2016 - Part One


Last year I listed my "Most Anticipated Games of 2015". The results were... mixed. The bad? A lot of games on the list missed 2015 entirely. But on the other hand, some great games like Axiom Verge popped up out of nowhere. Let's hope all of the games on this years list make it out in 2016, and that lots of other great titles pop up as well.

Since I'm primarily a PC gamer, these are all on PC, though many aren't only on PC. I'm also excluding Early Access titles that have already been enjoyable for some time (e.g. Killing Floor 2 and Starbound) since I can't "anticipate" a game I've been playing for months or years already. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of what 2016 has to offer!

(PC) I backed this one on Kickstarter. It's going to mix platforming with shmup sections. As with many of these 2D platformers, the art style is what sold me. I mean just... wow, right? (official website)

(PC/PS4) What's that? It's another 2D platformer with beautiful pixel art? Sign me up! Described as the Dark Souls of pixel platforms, Death's Gambit is a promising game with a good bit of hype since the PS4 release announcement. (official website / Steam page)

(PC) Defender's Quest is my favorite tower defense game. It has great gameplay, a lot of charm, and a new game plus mode that actually feels worth the effort. Apparently they are not only making a sequel, but remastering the original game. I'll be awaiting both eagerly! (official website)

(PC/PS4/One) Mankind Divided is a direct sequel to Human Revolution, and it looks like Eidos Montreal plans of improving on its predecessor in every way. The game is especially exciting for PC gamers - not only will DX:MD not be held back by last-gen console  hardware, it will support Direct X 12. The delay to August was disappointing, but if it means a more polished release I'm all for it. Just don't pull any more preorder shenanigans, okay guys? (official website / Steam page)

(PC/PS4/One) Dishonored II's announcement was overshadowed by Fallout 4, but it might be the more memorable of the two in the long run. The ability to play as either Corvo or Emily is exciting - not just because gender options are great, but because each has different abilities. It sounds like many of us will be giving this game at least two playthroughs for the full experience. (official website)

(PC/PS4/One) At long last, here it comes! I have mixed feelings about DOOM, but I'm cautiously optimistic. The bad? Ugly yellow filters in some levels, not as many enemies on-screen as the original games, some slow/boring sequences in the trailer, why isn't it called 4 to avoid confusion, and potentially too much story. The good? It looks beautiful, the close combat is interesting, the environments are bigger and brighter than 3, and the multiplayer looks more like Quake. We really need a new Quakelike shooter, so hopefully it can fill that niche. Now will thee be modding...? (official website / Steam page)

(PC/PS3/360) Previously only on console, we're finally getting a PC port of what sounds like a classic. The monsters in this game caught my eye even when I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to play it. (official website / Steam page)

(PC/PS4) I don't know much about Hellblade, but the early trailer is intriguing and I loved Ninja Theory's worldbuilding in Enslaved. The mediocre gameplay really let Enslaved it down, though. Here's to hoping Hellblade is closer to their other titles in that department. (official website)

(PC/PS4/One/WiiU/Vita) An indie game inspired by Zelda and Diablo with gorgeous pixel art and music by Disasterpeace. If I was more excited about this game I might explode. I'm still not sure why more developers don't make games similar to Zelda and Metroid. Probably because it's a lot harder than it looks. (official website)

(PC/everything) There has been a lot of drama about this game from what I've heard. Backers being upset over changes in art style, release date delays, and the beta being so-so. But ya know, it's a cool looking 2D platformer so I'm going to get excited anyway. (Kickstarter page / Steam page).

Well, that wraps up Part One. Check out Part Two here. Before I started compiling these I thought 2015 was going to be a dud of a year like 2014. Now things are looking up, though :) I'll be back in a day or so with the rest.

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