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Dtoid Designs: The Three Item Challenge


Hello to all my Dtoid Designers and welcome to the first C-Blog edition of Dtoid Designs. Sorry we couldn't keep this on the main page, but I'm happy to say I still want to see what ya'll can make and have some great challenges planned for the next few months.

We're going to kick things off with the challenge I was going to issue last month before I decided on the movie theme. This is the Three Item Challenge!

A lot of the levels I've seen across Super Mario Maker seem to rely on excess. Excessive enemies, excessive power-ups, excessive effects; sometimes it's just too much. For this challenge I want to see what you can do using just three items. Starting today through January 15th, I want to you to show me just how creative you can be while limiting the amount of tools you can use. You can use the items as much as you want, but you can't use more than three different items.

A couple of rules to clarify:

-Wings do not count as an item, but as soon as you attach them to an item they do. So if you have turtles and winged turtles, you've used up two of your three available. Same goes for shaking. If you have a green turtle and shake to make a red one, you've used two of your three.

-A conveyer belt can go in either direction and still count as one item. However if you speed it up, that counts as a second item.

-Ground pieces count as an item.

-If you place a question mark box and then put something inside of it, that counts as two!

-If you leave a mushroom/flower/feather on the ground, that counts as one of your items.

-Finally, checkpoints do NOT count as an item.

If you want to see what kind of level can be made with just three items, check out Black Market Troopa Factory: 9952-0000-0166-8568.

Dtoid Designs January Contest

Theme: Three Items

Deadline: January 15th

To Enter: Leave a comment below with your level name and level ID.

Good Luck!

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