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2015 - The Year of the Composer


Greetings, Old Friends. 

If you don't know me, I'm Alphadeus. I write music. I wanted to write a blog post about how 2015 was an extremely productive year music-wise. I don't know how long it will be, but I hope it's at least as long as a decent blog should be. 

So yeah, 2015. Great year for me. I've accomplished more than I could possibly imagine. It sets the bar pretty high for next year. Also, I made the difficult decision to put prices on many of my albums. I did this because I feel that if I don't value my work, no one will. If you want an album for free, let me know and I'll hook you up.

I started off the year with Songs for Gamers Volume III (19 tracks). I was so happy to go back to that project. I love writing music for other people based on their preferences. I also wrote 2 songs for Volume IV, before deciding to combine everything into 1 Super Complete Awesome Album. It's available for free on my Bandcamp. It is, by far, my best album release.

I wrote 2 albums in the "2AD1X" series, 2AD15 - I, and 2AD15 - II. 11 tracks each. 2AD1X are generally "jam tracks" that have no place on any other album. Or essentially whatever I feel like writing. The idea started in 2013, but didn't actually happen until late 2014. The original plan was to write a song for every day of the year, which obviously didn't work out. It's still great music, some of my best. 

I finally put together FRACTURED, an album concept I had for a while. The idea was to combine 7 "EMOTION" tracks, and 5 "LOGIC" tracks, totaling 12 tracks.  

I also released Nonsensicals V, a 10 track album of what I consider "dance" style music. It's probably one of my most focused albums. Usually I write without regard to genre. 

Finally, I released ADBC. Originally a 7 track EP, I added 3 more songs to make it a full 10 track album. This is some of my finest work outside of Songs for Gamers. The BC can probably stand for "Best Collection" :p 

On top of the 75 tracks, I also released 118 Piano Journals, which are just me improvising (bullshitting :p) on the piano for long periods of time. 

I believe 2015 was one of my most productive years since I started taking composing seriously back in 2009. I'm happy to share my music with you, and I hope 2016 brings even more music. I have several concept albums planned, that may or may not become a reality. If all else fails, I hope to release several volumes of the 2AD1X series. I wouldn't mind getting into writing music for video games, either. I will look into it. 

I want to wish you all a happy new year. Thank you for being the best community on the internet.

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