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Cblogs of 12/27/15 + Things Rio Has Been Up To


Oh man, I'm so happy I got the Sunday spot. Also known as a few days after Christmas and before the New Year (i.e. days that I could have been found drunk or hung-over). Well, I guess it is the little things we must cherish.

In the reviewing scene, things have seemed to take a swig of bleach. A few days before Christmas I was tasked to review Aviary Attorney, the twisted offspring of Phoenix Wright's and Hatoful Boyfriend's single-night romp. “No problem, seemed like buckets of fun at EGX Rezzed and still seems like fun!” I pondered to myself. So far, without delving into my views (since that is what I'm “paid” to do, in the loosest sense of the word), it is enjoyable. 

However, it is incomplete. No, I don't mean it in the glib sense reserved for Metal Gear Solid 5 as of late. I mean that they actually fully released a game (non-Early Access) that genuinely lacks the ending. When I saw it, I had to murmur “...What?”. I would have probably swallowed this better if it didn't cut off the story as abruptly as it did, leaving the over-arching plot dangling in the wind. So this led to me telling the editor who, after three or four days sitting on it, finally e-mailed the developer about it after being reminded a second time. 

This in turn led to another review I had planned to do on Minecraft: Story Mode being pushed back, with the thought that all this would be wrapped up soon and maybe I could use the spare time to play catch up with some things (e.g. GotY list, Witcher 3, Payday 2, Wolfenstein: New Order). Fortunately, I now have a deadline to decide “fuck it”, so I'm not just stuck sitting on my hands forever. 

On the Venture into the Borderlands front, well, I'm still trying to shuffle-on with the finale. It will be done, that is certain, but levelling up from 20 to level 30 for Tiny Tina's Pen-And-Paper RPG is oddly hard. Hard less in a difficulty sense and more in the “ALL THE TIME REQUIRED TO DO IT” sense as I'm repeating old content to just access the new content. I'm clinging onto the hopes it'll be done this week so I can get the final two parts done next week. 

On the bright side, I'm writing up my top 5 and bottom 5 of the year. 50% done, at 3k words, so hoping that'll be completed by the end of this week. 

Beyond that, well, things have been a bit empty.  Coincidentally, the blogging has been a bit barren too... So let's get to the two recaps themselves!

No Topsauce sadly, so you'll just have to make do with a piece of Dark Souls fan-art I love.

S – Dreamweaver puts his stalking training to good use by gathering up the comments that make him blush and saving it in a scrap book which you can read for yourself.

Have a piece of late community!

One of a few things I'm hoping to buy with my Christmas dosh.

And another piece of Dtoid Christmas community! Nice and late!

? - Everyone's favourite uncle on Dtoid, Jonathan Holmes, wants you to guess the Star Wars film based on a crude collection of bullet points... Damn, I've got nothing.

- Riobux


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