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Guess the Star Wars movie! (maybe Spoilers)


Use these event bulletpoints to guess which Star Wars movie I'm thinking about. 

* At the start, a member of the good guys gets captured by the bad guys

* Before they are captured, the member of good guys the put an important message in a droid

* After they are captured, the member of the good guy is tortured/interrogated by a scary masked man

* The droid goes to a desert planet and is discovered by a nice person who helps them out of a jam

* The nice person leaves the planet with the droid along with a guy-who-did-bad-things-before-but-might-turn-out-to-be-a-hero and a father figure type guy

* The nice person finds out that they just might be magic

* It turns out the member of the good guys from before is OK *hugs*

* The guy-who-did-bad-things-before-but-might-turn-out-to-be-a-hero says he's going to chicken out but he DOESN'T

* The father figure confronts the scary masked man. It doesn't go well

* The story ends when a big space gun gets blown up by the good guys. 

Sorry if old, or if I missed anything.

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