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Cblogs of 12/26/15 - Your boy's finally playing Undertale! So NO SPOILERS!!!


Alright, as some of you may know, I personally have a very strict rule against playing digital games. I pretty much flat-out refuse to play a game if there's not a physical copy I can get my hands on. Now, there IS a somewhat psychological reason for it, and it's not something that I like to get into, but trust me, I'm pretty adamant about it. I missed out on awesome games because of my rule so far, but that doesn't mean I won't make exceptions.

After hearing all the praise about Undertale (even former recapper and current staff writer Ben Davis gave it a 10/10), I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. The best thing about my rule about "no digital-only games" is that since I usually KNOW I'll never play it, I pretty much don't read up ANYTHING about it (sorry Ben! I usually read reviews, but that time I skipped straight to the score T^T). That means I virtually knew NOTHING about Undertale, aside from the graphics and fan art of Toriel.

(Because, come on, who ISN'T aware of Toriel? :P)

However, the thing that really pushed me over to finally buy it was one tiny sentence in the Steam page: "an RPG where you don't have to destroy anything." Again, since I wasn't aware of anything about the game, this totally caught me by surprise. Part of me was like "wow, that's pretty cool!", and the other part was like all "I BET IT'S A LIE!", so my morbid curiosity forced me to download it. I've also had about $20 sitting in my Steam wallet for YEARS (I wanted to buy World End Economica because it was written by the same guy who wrote Spice and Wolf, but I heard it sucked so I decided not to buy it), so I figured "might as well USE it."

I bought the game and played for an hour, and already I was blown away. The combat system is amazing, the jokes are on point, and the characters are so well-written I won't give any spoilers, but right from the beginning I: chuckled, got mad, laughed my ass off, cared about someone, felt "warmth", and damn near teared up. All in the fucking prologue. Oh yeah, I'm DETERMINED going to see this through.

While I'm gonna keep the recaps short because I don't have much to say (let's just say my Christmas was about as eventful as watching paint dry), and I really should be working on Comments of the Week so I can play MORE Undertale (:3), can I just say how much I really love the soundtrack? It's a lovely set of melodies that are so wonderful and fit the game so perfectly that, I don't want to listen to tracks I haven't heard before until I hear it in the game first.

Maybe I'll hijack bbain's/Shade of Light's "Jukebox" series and talk about some of MY favorite tracks. :3

A - Sonic429 didn't think he needed to get a PS4 after owning an Xbox One, but after a Black Friday deal he couldn't pass up, he now owns all three current generation consoles. So how does the PS4 stack up?

S - Lord Spencer finished his SNES Reviews, but he's not going to rest on his laurels! He's already conjured up a list of Sega Genesis reviews that he's gonna tackle next, so take a look at some of the games he'll be playing!

C - This is supposed to be a fail. This SHOULD be a fail. Not only does Mikemanor not even describe what the video is about (aside that it's about Fallout... I think?), but he didn't even embed the darn thing! However, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and just say it could use some work.

- Dreamweaver


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