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Hi, I'm Wes!

This is my first-ever blog entry because I'm lazy. Also, I just completed my BA in English three days ago, so all of my free time the past five years or so has gone to laborious studies and alcohol-induced cramming. 

Wes Studying

That's me, relieved after a long study sesh (we young people unnecessarily abbreviate things). Speaking of young people, I'll be 29 in a few weeks and decided it's nigh time to start being creative before I die. Thus, I'm blogging. It's the only real source of creativity left in the world, in my opinion. [Note: Also there are several others and I'm really just trying to make myself feel better by putting down other avenues of creative expression. I'm petty.]

I'm not entirely sure what information is required for an intro blog, so I'll just gloss over some stuff about me. As mentioned, I'm 28 and a very recent college grad. I've been creepin' around Dtoid since 2007-ish, so I've come to know and love this community as quickly as I've come to be estranged from and hate myself. It's been magical. I work in market research, and am hoping for the quick and joyous release of death to put me in a better place. I live in Virginia Beach, but long to someday migrate back to Tennessee, where both my heart and my teeth lie. I've been a gamer since my wee days as a child, kickin' names and takin' ass with Super Mario Bros., but in this age of advanced years, full-time jobs, and crippling depression, my gaming time is limited. Thus, I seek unique, rewarding experiences in a game. Also, just turning my brain off and throwing things at Nazis is a big draw for me. I play the occasional sports title, actively avoid competitive FPS's, and have started (and not finished) each of the PS1 numbered Final Fantasies about seven times each in the past two years. What can I say, I lose all sense of direction after not playing for a week.

What Is This

That's how I feel about most games nowadays. You're just letting your computer (or console, I've never had a gaming rig) eat your money! Or dispense it? I can't tell. Either way, it's applicable. Don't question it.

So, back to creativity. I've been stifled so long in creative pursuits that I find I'm losing any and all originality and thought, and want to reverse this. So, I'm dedicating myself to putting stuff out there to see what sticks. I've been in a band for a couple of years now, but want to pursue other avenues. To compliment my limited musical career I'm getting back into writing, and also exploring making an ass of myself on a podcast! I'm now the co-host of Nerd & Long, a sports/nerd shit podcast I run with a good friend of mine. I'll put the link in my bio somewhere, and if you stumble upon this please give it a listen and let me know what you think! It's still in the infancy stages, so we're working on it; we'll take any feedback and constructive criticism we can get. Here's a picture of us recording last week:

All Our Passion Is Gone

We always have such a gay time!

I guess if there's anything else I need to say in my intro, I've forgotten to include it, and now you'll never know my favorite style of sock. You can ask in the comments below? I don't know how this whole "Internet" thing works. I thought it was a fad, but my uncle swears up and down I need to "get in on it" and "put yourself out there" and "don't tell your dad about this," so we'll see how it works.

I love you all. 

(PS I really don't know how this blogging thing works. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.)

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