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A Super Mario World retrospective, complete with your memories.


Good morning, ladies and gents. Some of you may remember me making a post asking for your memories of Super Mario World. We used those memories as part of my podcast, where we did a retrospective on the game. I would just embed the podcast here, but I'm having a little trouble with the cblog editor. It seems the editor has changed a bit since I've gone on hiatus, but, you can download it here......or here. Enjoy! Time marks below!

1.50 Super Nintendo launch and early memories 
4.20 Super Mario Bros. 
3 or Super Mario World? 
5.35 New system means new possibilities 
7.00 Yoshi at his best 
10.15 Introducing the coin medals 
11.40 Mario 3 vs SMW power-ups 
13.00 The little details 
15.05 The soundtrack 
18.00 New inventory system 
19.20 Replaying levels 
20.20 Secret exits
21.20 Ghost houses 
26.10 Other secrets 
31.40 Star Road 
32.50 Cohesiveness of the world 
34.40 Special Area 
37.30 Screw "Tubular" 
41.55 Our favorite levels 
49.30 Valley of Bowser 
53.40 Bowser's Castle 
55.40 The final battle 
1.01.00 Best ending ever! 
1.06.40 Listener memories 
1.12.20 Luke's sentimental story 
1.16.40 What may have been... 
1.18.50 Outro/a'capella

Music (in order of appearance) 
Title Theme 
Overworld 2 
Ghost House 
Star Road 
Bonus Stage 
Valley of Bowser 
Overworld 1 
Ending Credits

As always, thanks for listening!

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