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Can't Stop Starting Over


I've concluded recently that I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to RPGs. I find myself starting a game up, playing several hours, and then starting over with a new character or slightly modified version of the previous one. 

You have no idea how many times I've seen the corpses of these people. 

Most recently, I've started playing Elder Scrolls Online, as it's been sitting on my hard drive for quite a while now. I've probably put 20 hours into the game, despite not getting a single character higher than level 7 (which doesn't take very long to reach). Other games I have done similar things in the last year include Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, and Blackguards. 

There's a few reasons behind this. In a new game, I like to get a feel for the mechanics, and usually end up feeling like I could have better designed my character. In the case of Pillars of Eternity, the classes were a bit different from similar RPGs. Ironically, the one character class I didn't use ultimately ended up being the one I liked the most when I met the Grieving Mother character. 

I think I need to kick this habit. It really bit me in the ass in the case of Fallout 4. Prior to making the two main characters I had written about in my previous blog entry, I had a few other characters that I messed around with. In each case, I had gone through with joining the minutemen and put a considerable time into settlements, while barely scratching quest content. By doing this, I didn't even realize that I didn't much like how most of the game's side quests (and main one to a lesser extent) were handled. If I had gone forward with the game instead of making several different characters, I would have stopped playing sooner and freed up time to play other games which may have been far more satisfying.

So does anyone else compulsively start their RPG experiences over and over again until like they feel they got it "just right"?

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