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Cblogs of 12/12/15 - More Xenoblade Chronicles X! Also Power Rangers.


15 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and I still don't have a fucking mech. :(

I mean, like Chris Carter said, the mechs shouldn't be your main reason for playing the game. It's more of like a cherry on top of a fantastic title, which is already addicting with its excellent combat system and great art direction. However, I want my damn Skell so I can drive around the world in a baller mech, and get some of the more tedious side-quests out of the way.

I mean, does anyone LIKE farming for materials? It's one thing if it's one of the "fetch quests" you can do for extra money (and costumes) but it's another when it's a story-driven character side quest. Seriously, at least fricking TELL ME where I can get the item, like a marker on the map that says "you can find "X" right here, dumbass." I really wish I got a guide for this game.

Anyway, OverlordZetta may hate me for this, but I kind of enjoy watching the Americanized Power Rangers show. I mean, it may not be entirely faithful to the source material, but I like the goofy voice acting (in my own language at least) and it's nice to turn off my brain and watch it. Yesterday showed the season finale of Power Rangers: Dino Charge and it wasn't too bad. I kind of wish they did it big (even though the Power Ranger: Super MegaForce finale is nothing compared to the Japanese counterpart, at least it felt epic in a sense), but I enjoyed finally seeing who would become the Purple Ranger (which, honestly, shouldn't be TOO surprising... but like I said, my brain was turned off). Also, Sledge and Poisandra are an odd couple that... I kind of wished got together.

I also still kind of wish an older character we saw earlier, who originally found the Purple Energem (the crystal that grants the person the power of the Ranger... should it decide you're worthy of it) became the Purple Ranger. He's a middle-aged dude that originally used the power to become a vigilante, but got scared when the monsters found out about the crystal and came after him. He decided it would be better if someone else wielded the power, so he volunteered to "Unlink" from it. The thing is, he did show courage and saved the Red Ranger, but being the Purple Ranger would mean leaving his hometown, where he wants to stay and help. However, no one complained about the Graphite Ranger not staying with the group, so why didn't he just keep the power and come whenever they needed him?

I guess he could still be scared to fight monsters, but I would've loved to see an older Ranger within the ranks.

Anyway, I wish I had more time to talk about other stuff, but I'm a little behind on Comments of the Week, so the less I say here, the sooner I can get it out. I'm also not... "in the mood" to really chat the moment. I might be getting sick, and I had trouble sleeping last night, so I'm not feeling 100% right now. Hope you can forgives me!

This is my posse and my crew. My character is the guy on the left, and I still don't like the way he looks. I guess he got the typical JRPG emo badass feel to him, but again, I was going for a more "innocent, wide-eyed virgin" look. Speaking of which, the dark-skinned girl in the middle right is Elma, who is my waifu, SO DON'T FUCKING THINK ABOUT IT.

P - The PStoid crew is back for another arousing round of PlayStation's finest games (and some random stuff). Where else can you hear Nanashi talk about the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, or Mike getting his Oregon hate on?

C - TheDustinThomas, the host of The Error Machine Podcast, returns to good ol' Destructoid in order to share his ideas for the next episode. What is it? He wants to feature YOUR stories about the classic SNES title Super Mario World, so share them right here!

C - Destructoid may have gotten to tell us that tickets to PAX East were available, but Nanashi didn't forget the old tradition of Avatar Adoption. He managed to still score tickets to the event, and he wants to know if you want him to take you with him!

T - Zeroswitch couldn't resist the allure of having all the Uncharted games running on the shiny PS4, so he picked up the The Nathan Drake Collection for a playthrough. I'm surprised more people didn't give this a read. Yes, read: it ain't a video, folks!

T - Mike Wallace wanted to take the opportunity to try out The Elder Scrolls Online during its free weekend, but things didn't go quite as planned. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll know why he doesn't have much to say. :P

R - Terry 309 gets his indie game on by playing the short but punishing as fuck "character action game" Proxy Blade Zero. Should you play this one yourself, or should you get a proxy to do it for you?

I got a missile for her that I'd like to rocket, if you know what I mean.

- Dreamweaver


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