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We aren't hiveminded haters. We just don't want to be picked on.


(This blog is simply an opinion piece about some things I've seen here recently on Destructoid and some of the opinions and attitude that has been on display by both certain readers and staff here lately. Again this is all my own opinion and should be taken as such, nothing more.)

Opinions have been getting pretty riled up around here lately. With all sorts of hot topics going on giving people all sorts of stuff to talk about, I've seen people getting heated, much of it justified and some not so much. Hot Topics like "Feminism", "Censorship", "Social Justice" and many others are getting people all worked up regardless of what side their on.

When I first started coming to Destructoid, a lot of these topics were just starting to gain some weight. I was here before #gamergate was a thing and watched as Destructoid went from all sorts of silly fun articles with not a whole lot of serious talk to not so fun and a bit more serious. Some people were using these topics to open up discussion, but others seemed to take these topics and use them just to add more fuel to the fire.

The fun is still here at Destructoid, but undeniably less so. My criticism come from the fact that a number of writers and articles throughout the year have come across as attempting to rile people up or get people upset. .  Most of the writers that brought me here are gone and many writers have come in with a much different attitude. Some good but others not so much. The tone of certain peoples articles changed and some got more antagonistic and less fun and goofy than before. Some writers seemingly go as far as to write articles with the intention of watching people get upset rather than trying to have any discussion themselves. Some writers have come across as somewhat condescending and others have come across with obvious dislike of their audience

Why this is such a big deal is that I personally can't remember anything like this going on the first year or so I was here on the site. 

I'm not going to drop names (Even though It's probably obvious to many of the readers here who I'm referring to), but the fact is that there are writers here that have on more than one occasion seemingly rocked the boat with the intention of just wanting to see if it would tip over.  That's not to say that there aren't good or fun writers here, but a lot of of them have been getting overshadowed by the more "controversial" writers. Other than that, I've seen people come to defend those writers when they do said rocking. One common thing I see among those people is that they say many of the people criticising the writers have some kind of "agenda" or "personal vendetta" or that we all just hate on them because we all think alike because we are some "hive mind".

First off, those people tend to say how we just do nothing but insult the writers, yet most of the time they are doing the insulting by badmouthing the people complaining while the people complaining tend to be fairly rational. I see a lot of threads where people start posting crap like "abandon thread" and all that crap because the subject might be controversial but in the end those topics are the ones that I see the most in depth discussions going on in the comments. It's kinda insulting to Destructoid's audience that someone would assume that there would be people outraging in the comments.

Next up, the idea that people have some personal vendetta or agenda whatever. First that implies that every person saying anything negative about the writer would have a personal vendetta. That's a lot of unbased assuming. Also the idea that every person hating is on the same agenda. Destructoid is a place of a lot of like minded people and as such, a lot of people are going to have similar opinions. Does that mean we all have the same agenda? Of course not. To assume so is a little insulting.

 Likewise to say we are all some hive mind or just all following some hate trend as if we can't think for ourselves. When an article has a ton of comments with many of them pointing out when the writer does a poor job or is insulting them, they aren't just some big group all jumping on some bandwagon, they are individuals with their own opinion and maybe if they are all echoing similar statements then maybe they got a point.

I personally have no problem with Destructoid covering said topics and the writers here having an opinion and I'm sure there's a lot of people here that don't mind either. What I have a problem with is when someone uses these topics and their position as a writer just to insult or belittle people with the opposite opinion. What I don't want to see is people name dropping obviously controversial figures or topics into subjects where they never belonged in the first place just to prove some point. What I want to see is people who actually do have an interest in what they are reporting giving their opinion on the subject rather than writers reporting it simply cause no one else is despite their obvious dislike of the subject.

I just want Destructoid to be the fun place that I discovered and not come here having to skip people's articles because I'm worried the writer is gonna just gonna be condescending or insulting or post information with obviously little research just to try and upset people. What happens when I get to the point where I'm skipping everyone's articles altogether?

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