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REVIEW: Sorus Shield (iOS)


Sorus Shield is a Tetris clone with a twist, which in the iOS appstore is a genre in itself. But no matter how much or how little is changed, it's still Tetris with a twist. 

Sorus Shield is a sci-fi theme game about an alien invasion throughout the universe and the only thing stopping them is the titular spaceship Sorus. Yes really, this game has a story. It says so on the appstore page. 

It also boasts over a 100 missions and an arcade mode, but it's negligible; the objective is the same, clear the stage of blocks and move onto the next level. The music is also kind of boring.

The touch screen functions relatively well. Tap the screen change the position of the block you're holding, swipe down to "save" one block for another, swipe up to drop the block. It all works fine enough, though there were moments where I lost a game because the game wouldn't registered my swipes. 

There is some strategy involved since the objective is to line blocks horizontally to clear the stage, any remaining blocks can fall and fill in the space for a potential chain reaction. There is some fun in letting the grid fill almost all the way and clearing it after a well placed block starts a domino effect.

(This is one of those reviews where I can't find anything to say about the game and I can't tell if that's because I'm a shitty writer or the game itself is so lacking in substance to even write about.) 

Sorus Shield is competent but it's not going to change the world, let alone save the universe from aliens. Seriously, this game has a story.

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