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10 things that got called "SJW" this week 4/12/15


Are you in need of a bit of timely mouthwash to cleanse the pallet of the nasty aftertaste of the past week? Then join me in a roundup of everything and everyone that's been called SJW by Twitter in the past seven days.

    A wretched SJW, yesterday

1. The Video Game Awards (for giving Her Story the best story award)

That's reaching a bit, isn't it? Couldn't they have criticized them for giving the award to a game with a plot that was confusing bollocks that made no sense?

2. A bunch of imaginary people (for boycotting DOAX3)

This is still doing the rounds on Twitter, despite being debunked by Tecmo themselves within a day of the furor.

3. Miley Cyrus (for having a charity for homeless and LGBT youth)

We cannot allow Miley Cyrus to reach the sun.

4. David Cage (for saying Quantic Dream is "Promoting cultural, gender and racial diversity")

He was defending the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls in which the Arab characters have slightly whiter skin than in the PS3 version. Apparently it's a lighting issue.

5. Anyone who called David Cage out

Yeah, keep out of this argument. You're pretty much screwed no matter which side you're on.

6. The Game Awards again (for giving Witcher 3 GotY instead of Fallout 4)

Wait, I'm confused. I thought Fallout was SJW for depicting polyamory? Or is it only SJW if you like it because it portrays polyamory?

7. John Kasich, Gov. Ohio (for saying that Donald Trump was "Literally as bad as Hitler")

Ouch. That's a bit unkind to Adolf, surely.

8. Arin "Egoraptor" Hansen of the Game Grumps

No justification was provided for this one, so I'm at a bit of a loss unless SJW in this case stands for "Slight jowel wobble."

9. Ottowa University (for cancelling their Yoga class)

The instructor claims this was due to a formal complaint over cultural appropriation. The university deny any such complaint was received, so it looks like someone's telling fibs. Possibly someone who's just lost their (trigger warning) pretend tree-hugging job and is now trying to drag their estranged employer down with them.

10. Obama

Thanks, Twitter.

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