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NVGR: Updated Album "ADBC" (No longer an EP)


Greetings, friends. I wanted to share with you an update, in case you grabbed ADBC - EP in the past. I've added 3 more tracks (the 3 I linked to in my previous blog post), making it a full album. I've made the album free to download, for anyone interested in downloading it, or redownloading it with the new tracks.

I also want to mention that Bandcamp has a feature that lets people buy my entire discography for a discounted price. I set the discount to 50%. You can get my entire discography for $22.50. That's 18 albums, hours of music.


I do not recall whether or not I shared my thoughts on the individual tracks, so I'm going to write some information about each one.

1) The Golden Rule - I wanted to write something chill with a guitar in the background. I really like the bridge, brings the whole song together. The instrument at 42 seconds kind of sounds like Diddy Kong laughing =p

2) Iron Fist - Fast song with lots going on. The lead instrument is pretty hectic. This song was written as a jam, with no real purpose, just for fun ^^

3) In Retrospect - Kind of a "looking back" song with a very heavy beat. I freaking love the drums. I think it's called Polyplex from Native Instruments, and I use it in a lot of newer songs, because the drums are very powerful.

4) Damp Basement - I wrote this song based on an event in the past. When I lived with my girlfriend and her family in a 2-story house with an attic and a basement, there was a nasty storm that flooded the basement. This song represents the feeling of going through all the damaged "memories" that the water destroyed.

5) The Old Diary - The intent behind this song was to see if I could write a song that would fit on A Well-Known Stranger. It didn't have a story purpose, just wanted to write something neat :p

6) Electricity - I'm not sure how to describe this song. I went for a classic synth riff with a neat piano lead.

7) Matrix - The song that inspired an album. After I wrote this song, I thought it would be neat to write an album of mostly dance music, which is how Nonsensicals V came about.

8) The Last Step - I was shooting for another "infiltration" type song for a video game. I like the slow jams :)

9) Return of the Bully - This is kind of an unofficial sequel to The Bully, located on 2AD14 - III. I like it a lot because it sounds like something you'd hear in Final Fight :P Maybe as a boss battle for a side-scrolling brawler.

10) Closing In - This song is neat, and I feel like I mentioned this in the previous blog, but it's the first time I used sidechaining to give the song a neat umph effect. Very catchy lead instrument as well.

So this is ADBC complete. I wish I could've written a full album like 2AD15 - III, but I feel drained creatively. I've written a crapton of songs this year, so I might take the rest of the year off and start fresh in 2016. I'm seriously considering an add-on album for Songs for Gamers. I still have the request information from people I haven't written music for, but I might also try to get new people involved.

If you like my music, feel free to purchase it (or if you want it for free, let me know and I'll hook you up). I'm kind of hoping for an "end of the month" bonus so I could maybe pick up Witcher III for 30 bucks in the Steam sale. I don't expect it to happen since I've already asked for money, but it's worth a shot asking again for a game this time :P You guys really came through for me this month, and I've been able to afford to eat. Things should start to improve next year.

If you want to chat or something, my Steam name is Alphadeus. Maybe we can get together and play some games or something ^^ Happy holidays!

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