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So I Got a 3DS


So, I got a Nintendo New 3DS, just last week. I know that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in regards to picking up a 3DS, but it's been a long time coming. It feels like it's been almost a year since my boyfriend and I were wandering around our local EB Games and he mentioned that he thought a 3DS would be perfect for me. Up until this point, I had always slightly written off Gameboy products as Pokemon Machines. Granted, I knew that they had games aside from the Pokemon series (of course) but none really grabbed my attention. He told me that he thought I would especially love the Animal Crossing series. The creativity, the concept of being among adorable animals, it apparently just screamed my name, and for the next year, any time we were anywhere that sold the Nintendo 3DS, the conversation would resurface.

I'll admit, I was already fairly convinced. Then we staggered across the Happy Home Designer bundle which came with the game, the New 3DS, and two adorable face plate sets. That sealed the deal. I was beginning to have flashbacks to when I got my first Gameboy, the Gameboy Color. Again, this was originally solely used as a Pokemon machine, mostly because I was young, but also because my family didn't have a whole lot of money, so we couldn't afford a huge library of games. As I got further into playing videogames, though, I did want to try out other games. I was lucky, because my Mom was (and still is, if we're being completely honest, here) majorly into going to yardsales. Probably to the point where, had I been older, I would have decided that a carefrontation was in order. Yardsales provided some of my now most beloved games, that I still play to this day when I need a walk down memory lane.

I've been touch and go with the other Gameboy products. I skipped the Advanced, had a DS (which once again mostly served as a Pokemon machine...oops...) and hadn't really had anything else in the product line until now. I'm loving the New 3DS so far, even though I'm only rocking Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

(My best friend was sure to point out what a weird combo this is.)

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is everything that I had hoped (and was told) it would be. It's my first foray into the Animal Crossing series, and between the adorable critters, the upbeat music, and the way that it allows me to create, I could definitely see myself being hooked on the series for life. Or until the next DS product inevitably comes out, rendering my collection out of date, once again. It's seriously relaxing, and I can see this game being great for winding down after a long day. I don't think I'm really saying anything that you guys didn't already know, though!

As for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, it was a no-brainer when I saw that it was available in the eShop. I'm pretty addicted to Isaac, and the idea of being able to play it wherever I wanted without toting a laptop around tickled me just the right way. It looks so crisp and lovely on the 3DS, but I'm a bit disappointed with how it plays. I get that most rogue-like games are complicated, especially when drumming up new seeds for each round. That said, I didn't expect the several seconds of black screens between each game (I've counted, it usually stalls for about 7 – 10 seconds) and the few seconds of freezing that I get between each level. While I'm glad to have the game and tend to play hours of it on end, I'm a bit disappointed overall. I had worried about it being the 3DS unit itself, but everything else runs as smooth as butter on it.

I'm definitely planning on building a bigger library; obviously dipping into the Pokemon games, and revisiting the Super Mario Bros series. But I'd like to expand further than that. I've got my eye on the Gravity Falls game for the 3DS, although I've been reassured that games based on licensed series usually suck. I've seen maybe one horror game in my (admittedly shallow) research that I've done on games, and it looks like it's simply a rip off of Fatal Frame.

And of course, I'll take any suggestions for games for the 3DS that you guys have, that you think I might enjoy!

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